SIBA in the Springtime! Exploring Potential

Thursday, March 12th –10AM – 4PM
Cost: $99 Day of Education (Free to SIBA Members – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for member code)

10-10:30 – Continental Breakfast, Welcome, and Housekeeping

10:30 – 11:30 - Exploring New Markets
Thoughtful innovation, combined with organized planning and execution, is key to successfully tapping new -- and profitable -- markets. This session will review a number of opportunities in both customer demographics and proven sales and marketing initiatives, with an emphasis on the practical steps necessary to implement appropriate programs in your store.

11:30- 12:15 – Exploring Gift Buying
Elevators, escalators, enigmas - a puzzling or inexplicable situation explained by veteran bookseller & gift buyer Karin Wilson.  Learn the parameters and products that fly off the shelf and the decision making required when making gift purchases.

12:15 – 2:15 PM ABA Forum & Lunch

2:15 -3:15 PM – Exploring SIBA’s Bookseller Benefits Package
Executive Director Wanda Jewell will walk through the extensive benefits of SIBA membership, the programs, projects, and potential inside your SIBA membership.  “It takes a regional.”

3:15 -4 PM – Exploring Bargain Book Buying
Who doesn’t love a bargain?  And Shane shares how to make the most of this misunderstood market.  Learn the parameters and financial decisions

GABBS Education & Entertainment

Friday, March 13th

8-10 AM - Innovation and Emotional Intelligence in the World of Ideas
With Dr. David Ryback, author of Putting Emotional Intelligence to Work
What is the essence of innovation?  How did Shakespeare manifest his emotional intelligence?  What are some of the innovations of the past century and how did they revolutionize our culture?  When was the first copyright law born?  All these questions and more will be answered by Dr. David Ryback when he focuses on the history of innovation over the past century, and how it revolutionized travel, communication and sexual mores in our culture.
The rise of the digital age forces us to reconsider the speed of innovation and how it has become a greater part of our culture, especially in the business of publishing ideas.  People want connection, a sense of mastery and respect—these are universal needs.  Meet them and you can create the next “Dragon-King,” an innovation that becomes a winner in any market. And what about branding?  It turns out that we can expect some major transformations as time goes by.  Finally, we’ll look at some of the challenges we’ll need to face in the near future:  addiction; the Internet of Things, in which every aspect of our lives, inner and outer, become interconnected on the Net; loss of privacy; portfolios of patents sold as intellectual-property stocks; and many other challenges. But we won’t let you go home without giving you instructions on how to form groups that can create their own innovations, even in your own office.  The world of innovation is here.  Might as well join it—you can ignore it no longer.

5:30 – 7 PM – The Shoe Burnin’ Show, a Literary Hootenanny
The Shoe Burnin' Show is mesmerizing, both a musical and literary delight from the first note to the last word.  These are clearly long-time, dedicated musicians and writers who want to share the love of the written word and song.  The stories run the gamut from the hilarious to the poignant, and the songs, both original and well-known, are a complement and complimented by the storytelling.  The Shoe Burnin' is not to be missed, ever, as each time the show is a do-over, an original conceived for one time only. It is amazing!
Join us for a short reception followed by a kickin’ good time.

Saturday, March 14th

8-10 AM – Reviving the Resource Roundtable Breakfast
Enjoy coffee and continental breakfast while veteran booksellers rotate from table to table each discussing a variety of topics relevant to you.  From “Working with Writers” to “Building Better Booksellers” to “Edelweiss, Your Best Book Friend” to “Simple Solutions for Small Budgets”, “Social Networking”, and more. 

1-4 PM – Field Trips to the Gift Market
Every hour, a veteran bookseller will escort a group around the Gift Market.  These are booksellers who deliver fresh items to their customers via the Mart.  They will share their tips and tricks and leave you wanting more.  Field Trips are limited to ten people and last one hour.

Sunday, March 15th

9 - Noon – Field Trips to GABBS
Every hour, a veteran bookseller will escort a group around GABBS.  These are booksellers who deliver affordable books at a great profit to their customers via GABBS.  They will share their tips and tricks and leave you wanting more.  Field Trips are limited to ten people and last one hour.