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SIBA Office Hours Update

Posted By Nicki Leone, Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Beginning May 1st, SIBA is making some changes to its Office Hours schedule:

Office Hours will be held Mondays and Wednesdays from 1:00-2:00 pm, EST. Anyone can drop in, but for security purposes registration will now be required. The upgraded link to the Office Hours will go live on Monday, May 4th:

New SIBA Office Hours Link

Thursdays will now be reserved for THIS! (Thursday Inspiration with SIBA) on most Thursdays, from 1-2PM.

THIS! is an hour of sharing best practices and tips for surviving, maybe even thriving, during Covid-19. Each week a featured bookseller will discuss what's working at their store, and take your questions. More casual than a webinar, more fun than figuring it all out by yourself. Let's be there for each other so we can all rise together. Pour a cup of coffee, grab a snack, and join us on THIS!, most Thursdays at 1 PM EST.

Other ways to reach SIBA and the SIBA commnity:

SIBA Booksellers Facebook Group
SIBA Booksellers "Watercooler" Google Group
SIBA Staff & Board

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Reader Meet Writer Recap: Steven Wright

Posted By Nicki Leone, Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Steven Wright's appearance on Reader Meet Writer is now available on video.  SIBA member stores are invited to embed the video on their own websites and use it in their own marketing efforts.

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Read This! Highest Rated Reviews from SIBA Booksellers

Posted By Nicki Leone, Tuesday, April 28, 2020
Reviewed by Booksellers

Some of the reviews submitted this week on Edelweiss+ from your fellow SIBA booksellers. SIBA members earn B3! points for every review if they join the SIBA community on Edelweiss. Email to be added.

A Good NeighborhoodA Good Neighborhood by Therese Ann Fowler
April, 2020

Reviewed by Tricia Nociti, Reading Rock Books, Dickson, TN
On Edelweiss | Buy

I'm going to be chewing on this one for a while. I was unable to put it down, and yet, I was angry and upset throughout much of it. I'm not sure how that qualifies as far as reading experience, but it's a book I'll be thinking about and going back to for a long time. I think the most upsetting part is it felt exaggerated and yet I know it isn't. Very raw and very real.

Frances Mayes Always ItalyFrances Mayes Always Italy by Frances Mayes, April, 2020
Reviewed by Rene Martin, Quail Ridge Books, Raleigh, NC
On Edelweiss | Buy

We will want to return to Italy or visit if for the first time as soon as we can. Italy will need us and Frances has written the guide that will help us plan the trip now. In this richly illustrated guide (published by National Geographic!) Frances and Ondine Cohane travel the entire country and find the interesting and out of the way spots as well as the can't miss treasures of Italy. They include very practical information about what to see and do; where to stay, where to eat, and they introduce us to interesting people. It is the perfect book to dream with right now. Frances was scheduled to talk with us about this book in person but now that plans have changed she has sent signed book plates that will be available with every book. And just maybe she'll get to come see us in the fall!

The Happy Ever After PlaylistThe Happy Ever After Playlist by Abby Jimenez, April, 2020
Reviewed by Chelsea Stringfield, Parnassus Books, Nashville, TN
On Edelweiss | Buy

Sloan is literally stopped in her tracks by lost dog Tucker. When his owner Jason (both attractive and charming) shows back up to reclaim his dog, Sloan is swept off her feet. This is more than a romance - it's a heartfelt story about choosing happiness and being true to who you really are. Plus it comes with a built-in playlist!

More bookseller reviews

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RMW Hosts 13 Events in MAY

Posted By Wanda Jewell, Monday, April 27, 2020

Reader Meet Writer Virtual Author Events for May

If you haven't signed up to participate in Reader Meet Writer Virtual Author Events, you can do so by simply emailing

Join this list of bookstores and choose from this list of events to present to your customers.  Stores are handling the events as they would handle their own virtual events. Some are selling the book as the ticket to attend.  Some are selling tickets for a flat rate that can then be used as a credit towards the book or any purchase from the store. Each store determines how they want to use the events to assist in selling more books. It is our hope that we are offering stores an easy way to sell books without the headache of managing a new tool.

When asked "Are you pleased with the outcome?", a resounding YES from participating booksellers:

  • "Yes! It came together very quickly for us and we're delighted that people joined in and bought some books. Thank you for putting this together."
  • "Yes - this was an opportunity to have an author event at a time when we otherwise could not at all."
  • "Yes-- I was super late in getting the word out so this was more than I'd hoped. I'd ordered 2 in for the store and they might not have sold without this. I sold those 2 locally, did one Direct-to-Home shipment and 1 on Bookshop."
  • "Yes, it attracted some readers that haven't attended our events in the past."
  • "Very pleased. Excited to participate again soon."
  • "Yes. We had I believe 86 RSVPs, but it looks like only 2/3 or so actually attended the event. 17 books in less than 24 hours for an online event is nothing to turn up our noses at! Some of these customers also purchased other books in their orders."
  • "Yes. My customers loved the chance to hear from such a beloved author!"
  • "Yes! Normally I sell ZERO hardcover debuts."

Last, and most important, only 18 of the current 60 participating bookstore have completed the events survey.  This is a really important final step.  We need the data to carry this program forward.  Please complete this form for each event.  Thanks!

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Read This! Highest Rated Reviews from SIBA Booksellers

Posted By Nicki Leone, Thursday, April 23, 2020
Reviewed by Booksellers

Some of the reviews submitted this week on Edelweiss+ from your fellow SIBA booksellers. SIBA members earn B3! points for every review if they join the SIBA community on Edelweiss. Email to be added.

Plenty of HugsPlenty of Hugs by Fran Manushkin, Kate Alizadeh (Illus.)
April, 2020

Reviewed by Dwan Dawson-Tape, Sundog Books, Santa Rosa Beach, FL
On Edelweiss

This is a simple joy - straight-forward, colorful illustrations with no fanfare , just a family having a wonderful day.

If I Had Your FaceIf I Had Your Face by Frances Cha, April, 2020
Reviewed by Cat Chapman, Oxford Exchange, Tampa, FL
On Edelweiss

Insightful, dark, and filled with really compelling descriptions for Korean bar food, Frances Cha's If I Had Your Face is led by perception and underlying psychological drive. It's a story that focuses on young women in states of transience and transition, in apartments and jobs and relationships that may or may not stand the test of time, and their thoughts--distorted, rebellious, exhausted--are revealed. Frances Cha masterfully approaches the volatility and equal warmth of this state, with a colorful backdrop of Seoul, surreal as it is bleak.

If It BleedsIf It Bleeds by Stephen King, April, 2020
Reviewed by Kate Towery, Fountain Bookstore, Richmond, VA
On Edelweiss

There is nobody who writes better novellas than Stephen King, and If It Bleeds contains four spectacular stories! From calls to the grave in Mr. Harrigan's Phone, to giant billboard ads in The Life of Chuck, to a visit to Finders Keepers with Holly and crew, and finally to the desperation of a struggling author to just finish one book, just once, King doles out the thrills and chills, but also captures the human condition in all its many forms. And like a pyschic in a traveling renfaire, King seems to prepare readers to make sure they wash their hands and cover those sneezes!

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B3! Webinar on May 6 at 1 PM EST: Kepler's and the Future of Independent Bookstores

Posted By Linda-Marie Barrett, Thursday, April 23, 2020

As many stores around the country are struggling for survival during the economic crisis triggered by the pandemic, now might be a good time, as challenging as it is, to look at the current business model of independent bookstores and ask: Do we want to go back to the old model or could we start imagining and building a better future for independent bookstores and people who are committed to them? Could we do some things differently going forward?

We will hear from the CEO and management team at Kepler's, a world famous bookstore based in Menlo Park, CA. Eight years ago, the Kepler's team decided to chart a bold new course and engaged their community to transform Kepler's into a Next Generation Bookstore. Many didn't believe their audacious goals – paying living wages, building a strong financial foundation, and Amazon-proofing their business. They will share their journey, their approach, their results, how they are faring during the current crisis, and their plans for the future. A Q & A will follow their presentation. Please RSVP

About our presenters:

Praveen Madan

Praveen stumbled into bookselling in 2007 believing that bookstores had to be reinvented. He has loved books and bookstores since his days growing up in India. He was craving a meaning and purpose that he wasn't finding in his corporate career so he picked a cause he believed in. At the time he thought it would take him 2-3 years to figure it all out. Thirteen years later he thinks he is finally on the right track but still has a lot of work ahead of him. He became the CEO of Kepler's in 2012.

Amanda Hall

Amanda is the General Manager of Kepler's Books & Magazines in Menlo Park, CA. A former small-business owner from Chicago, she has channeled her retail knowledge and passion for books into Kepler's new mission-based model that supports community engagement, sustainability and staff welfare. She has a BS in Journalism from Northwestern University and a Master's in Social Work from the University of Illinois.

Jean Forstner

Jean is the co-founder and Executive Director of the nonprofit Kepler's Literary Foundation. She is a community leader with strong experience working with schools and nonprofits, building partnerships, and producing cultural and literary programs. Previously, she served as California State Director to U.S. Senator Alan Cranston. She is a graduate of Stanford University.

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Don’t Miss THIS!​

Posted By Linda-Marie Barrett, Monday, April 20, 2020

THursday Inspiration with SIBA (aka THIS!) is an hour of sharing best practices and tips for surviving, maybe even thriving, during Covid-19. Each week a featured bookseller will discuss what's working at their store, and take your questions. More casual than a webinar, more fun than figuring it all out by yourself. Let's be there for each other so we can all rise together. Pour a cup of coffee, grab a snack, and join us on THIS!, every Thursday  at 1 PM EDT.


This week (4/23) Kelly Justice, owner of Fountain Bookstore in Richmond, Virginia, will share her experience with Crowdcast, a platform for hosting online events. She's been hosting her new weekly program, Fountain Fix: Cocktails with Kelly! on Crowdcast and has much to share with you about her experience. 

Next week (4/30) Shari Stauch, owner of Main Street Reads in Summerville, SC, will discuss MetriCool, a tool for organizing and simplifying your tasks on social media.

Here's the link to join. See you there!

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Introducing Reader Meet Writer Virtual Author Series

Posted By Wanda Jewell, Monday, April 20, 2020

reader meet writer


SIBA has created the Reader Meet Writer Author Series as an alternative for bookstores that—now that most of the country in under some version of a shelter-in-place order—are seeking to create ways to engage with their customers online. Participating stores will be able to invite their customers to exclusive video events with authors which are only available to SIBA stores. Events will be hosted by SIBA and can be attended by up to 1000 people. Bookstores handle all ticket and book sales from their customers.

Booksellers: Share your event feedback!

Publishers: Submit to the Call for Authors form!

Additional Resources:
Reader Meet Writer Code of Conduct
Reader Meet Writer Schedule
List of Participating Booksellers

Email Linda-Marie at if you'd like to add your store to the list of participating bookstores.

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Looking Good for Zoom

Posted By Wanda Jewell, Monday, April 20, 2020
Lighting Tips for Virtual Appearances
  1. Find a place where you have natural light on your face.
  2. Consider also putting a standing lamp or light source facing you. Invest in a ring light.
  3. Be thoughtful that your back ground isn’t distracting.
  4. Crop your video to include your bust and hands should you want to hold up a book or gesture the way you might naturally.
  5. If you need water be sure to have it in reach.
  6. Wear a solid color, not white.

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RMW - Lee Smith & Ruthie Lindsay Coming Next

Posted By Wanda Jewell, Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Reader Meet Writer Update

We are adding authors to the schedule.  First, if you haven't signed up to promote the Reader Meet Writer (RMW) events and sell the books to your customers and want to, email  We have two events coming up next week.  Lee Smith is on Tuesday, and Ruthie Lindsay is on Wednesday.  Their books, Blue Marlin, and There I Am: The Journey from Hopelessness to Healing - A Novel, are both perfect books for the times.  And we will soon be offering three or more events a week.  Lee Smith has signed a limited number of bookplates in preparation for her SIBA Reader Meet Writer event (April 21 at 4 p-m). Booksellers who are interested in having some bookplates for their readers and/or those who are interested in hosting virtual events should email Lynn York at  

Let us know how the events are working for you by participating in our survey, and by sending us quotes we can use for promotion with publishers or naysayers.  Is this helpful?  Is it working?  Let us know.  We are happy to do this heavy lifting but not if we are getting in the way.  

There is an Edelweiss collection of RMW titles and new titles will be added and, of course, we are keeping the website as up to date as possible.  Finally, some of you have asked for all of the zoom links and passwords in advance and I'm happy to provide these if  you want to get everything created in advance.  These passwords simply cannot end up on any public-facing websites or social media.  Let us know if you'd like to have all of that in advance. 


What booksellers are saying about Reader Meet Writer:

Doing Great today!
"Our web traffic had fallen off then I sent out the notice for Lee Smith in (our version of) Shelf Awareness and we now have more than 35 participants and more than 20 books sales. 
 I am working hard to get the promos going on the rest of them. I don’t know if the others will be as popular - Lee Smith is a favorite in the mountains as you know - but its a great profit to effort ratio - thanks your and Wanda’s efforts. 
Our sales were only averaging about $200 a day - but we’ve hit $550 plus today. 
Hope you’re finding some fun time out there. I enjoy your flowers and outdoor pics on Facebook. I hope it won’t be too long till I can post grandkid pictures again." 

Stay safe
Doloris Vest
Book No Further
112 Market St SE | Roanoke, VA 24011 |

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Bookseller Chill, Week Three: Resourcing

Posted By Nicki Leone, Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Or, What do I do when I'm lying awake at three o'clock in the morning?"


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IBD Updates

Posted By Nicki Leone, Friday, April 10, 2020

Bookstore Day has been tentatively rescheduled for Saturday, August 29

Some important news...

• You will be able to amend or cancel your order of IBD exclusives before May 1. Please only do this if you feel you absolutely need to as all exclusives have already been printed and produced according to your original orders. This applies only to the exclusive items coming from Ingram, and does NOT include totes, t-shirts, or bookmarks.

• You can check your IBD order on your iPage (it will show as backordered). Then simply email me with any changes. Please include your Ingram number, store name, the ISBN for each changed item, and the NEW TOTAL. If you originally ordered 10 of something and you want to change it to 5, just put 5 next to the title and ISBN.

• If you missed the original order deadline and still want to place an order of the exclusives for the August 29th date, please use the ORDER FORM (visible on and we will see what we can accommodate as the new numbers shake out. You can see the 2020 catalog here.

• A reminder that none of IBD orders will ship from Ingram until the beginning of August (if all goes well) and you will not be billed until it ships. Shea Serrano's Basketball book has been postponed and we are rolling out online sales of Renee Watson's WAYS TO MAKE SUNSHINE this month (see below). Bookmarks and tote bags are no longer available.

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Simon and Schuster Partners with Bookshop and

Posted By Linda-Marie Barrett, Thursday, April 9, 2020

Simon & Schuster is partnering with and to support independent bookstores. For the rest of 2020, Simon & Schuster will donate any affiliate fees earned through sales at to the Book Industry Charitable Foundation.

In addition to this financial support, they’ve created beautiful assets for booksellers to use on Instagram and Facebook, in which authors like Stephen King, Jason Reynolds, Cassandra Clare, and Lisa See express why independent booksellers need support now more than ever.

Social Media Assets for Bookstores

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SIBA Virtual Town Hall

Posted By Wanda Jewell, Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Dear Friends and Colleagues:

Booksellers are unique people who possess equally the rugged individualism of the entrepreneur and a citizen-steward mindset when it comes to our towns, organizations, and communities. Our perspectives can provide insight into the transformation necessary to reemerge from the COVID-19 crisis stronger people that are part of stronger groups.

Ahead of our regularly scheduled May meeting, the SIBA Board would like to invite all members to share the concerns, thoughts, and challenges facing you as members. We would also ask you to bring, if you have them, any contributions of insight or solutions you have found to problems related to this new reality, things that are providing you comfort and inspiration right now, and any ideas you have to share with our organization and our industry for the future. The format will be open. We encourage you to bring your perspectives.

The constantly-changing information regarding this ongoing pandemic and our various states' policy changes surrounding it are causes of fear and insecurity and we are all facing daily, even hourly, personal and community uncertainties. The sudden onset of an increased amount of difficult, important decisions to make and conversations to have is overwhelming for many of us.

The Southern Independent Booksellers Alliance is an amazing community of booksellers and entrepreneurs that share together in the best of times and uplift each other during the worst. The SIBA Board of Directors invites all members (owners and managers, we encourage you to also invite your staff members) to participate in a town hall forum on Friday, April 17th from 1-3 PM EDT to begin a discussion designed to determine what we can all do for each another right now, in this incredibly difficult time, and going forward.

See you at the Town Hall,

The SIBA Board of Directors

Town Hall Forum Link (active 4/17 from 1-3 pm)
Submit your questions or ideas ahead of time here

Janet GeddisShane GottwalsJohn CavalierKelly Justice

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Reader Meet Writer Update

Posted By Wanda Jewell, Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Reader Meet Writer, Okra Pick  with Steven Wright Coming Up April 16th @ 5 pm – Are you in?

Steven Wright

It was so wonderful to hear Steven Wright at #SIBA19 and I’m excited for him to share his book with readers across the south.  If you haven’t signed up to participate in SIBA’s Virtual Author Series Reader Meet Writer, you can do so by emailing

And if you have, Steven’s The Coyotes of Carthage is “a blistering and thrilling debut—a biting exploration of American politics, set in a small South Carolina town, about a political operative running a dark money campaign for his corporate clients.” (Edelweiss)

The Reader Meet Writer bookseller site is now active.  Visit it today and often.

Steven Wright is a clinical associate professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison Law School, where he co-directs the Wisconsin Innocence Project. From 2007-2012 he served as a trial attorney in the Voting Section of the United States Department of Justice. He has written numerous essays about race, criminal justice, and election law for the New York Review of Books.

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Bookseller Chill, Week Two: Anchoring

Posted By Nicki Leone, Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Bookseller Chill with Bryan Robinson, Ph.D. is a six-week series beginning March 26 at 2 PM EST and continuing each Thursday, same time, same zoom link, till April 30. Each session will last approximately 30 minutes and include concepts from Bryan's book: #Chill: Turn Off Your Job and Turn On Your Life (HarperCollins, 2019), followed by what Bryan calls simple, short "MicroChiller" meditations that will help us relax and restore during this time of great uncertainty. You can read Bryan's recent post at The Psychology of Uncertainty: How to Cope with COVID-19 Anxiety.

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Galleys and Giveaways: What Momma Left Behind

Posted By Nicki Leone, Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Galleys & Giveaways

SIBA and participating publishers are giving away the galleys and other materials below to southern indie booksellers on a first-come, first-serve basis. If you are interested simply email the publisher to request a copy. Supplies are limited, so act quickly!

Liked what you read? Let everyone know!

N.B. These are review copies only, and not for resale.

Eat. Sleep. Read. Southern.

What Mamma Left Behind

What Momma Left Behind by Cindy K. Sproles

Publisher: Revell
Pub date: 6/2/2020
Price: $15.99
Format: paperback
ISBN: 9780800737047

Worie Dressar is 17 years old when influenza and typhoid ravage her Appalachian Mountain community in 1877, leaving behind a growing number of orphaned children with no way to care for themselves. Worie's mother has been secretly feeding a number of these little ones on Sourwood Mountain. But when she dies suddenly, Worie is left to figure out why and how she was caring for them.

Plagued with two good-for-nothing brothers—one greedy and the other a drunkard—Worie fights to save her home and the orphaned children now in her begrudging care. Along the way, she will discover the beauty of unconditional love and the power of forgiveness as she cares for all of Momma's children.

Storyteller and popular speaker Cindy K. Sproles pens a tender novel full of sacrifice, heartache, and courage in the face of overwhelming obstacles.

To Request a Review Copy:

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Just In from Publishers

Posted By Wanda Jewell, Saturday, April 4, 2020

The American Booksellers Association is tracking information on publisher offers and support as part of their COVID-19 bookseller support information.

Edelweiss has created a hub page of special offers from publishers, including offers specifically for bookstores facing the challenge of closures and interrupted sales. There are dozens of offers listed, from Arcadia to Wiley Press.

Macmillan has posted their first-ever virtual event grids to Edelweiss, as well as an offer to share some digital marketing tips for successful virtual/live streaming events. Email for more info or start requesting authors now--they're sharing requests with publicists daily, as they come in. Here are the links to them:
Macmillan Virtual Event Grid - Adult / Macmillan Virtual Event Grid - Kids/YA

Sign up fo the Workman Chalkboard Digital Resources: Authorless event kits, educational/homeschool materials, author videos, and downloadable visuals for social media to help promote titles and bookseller contests and giveaways for stores and staff plus extra swag for customers! Here is the March chalkboard if you would like to take a look through and get an idea of what it's like. Booksellers that are subscribed are really enjoying it so far.

Simon & Schuster ❤indies. And so do our authors! Please feel free to download the assets and share the love.

Holiday House has added a new resource page to meet the needs of those booksellers who would like to connect authors/illustrators and their books with community members in a virtual environment. Please feel free to download and print all materials and link to this page on your website, enewsletters, or any other platform. This page compiles all their materials, which includes activities, lesson plans, event kits, read-aloud guidelines, and more. They are adding additional resources daily!

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Recap: Tips for Managing an Unexpected Crisis, with John Cavalier

Posted By Nicki Leone, Thursday, April 2, 2020

Cavalier House Books co-owner and SIBA Board member John Cavalier presents "Tips for Managing an Unexpected Crisis," focusing on business strategies during COVID-19. During a time of crisis, it's vital to put a plan in place, as a thoughtful response can mean the difference between persevering and closing up shop. John talks generally and specifically about how you can work with your staff and community to craft a plan that will help you achieve your goals. He also provides a list of concrete steps you can take to build resiliency for your store's future and daily operations.

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Introducing Reader Meet Writer: An Author Event Series on Zoom for SIBA member bookstores

Posted By Nicki Leone, Wednesday, April 1, 2020

RSVP to Wanda Jewell to sign up for Reader Meet Writer

One of the earliest effects of COVID-19 on the book industry was the cancellation of almost all scheduled author tours and book events – with devastating impact on both the authors and bookstores.

SIBA has created the Reader Meet Writer Author Series as an alternative for bookstores that--now that most of the country in under some version of a shelter in place order—are seeking to create ways to engage with their customers online. Participating stores will be able to invite their customers to exclusive video events with authors which are only available to SIBA stores. Events will be hosted by SIBA and can be attended by up to 1000 people. Bookstores handle all ticket and book sales from their customers.

The schedule of events for the next three months is already in place, beginning with many of the  writers whose books are  Spring Okra Picks, including Grady Hendrix's highly anticipated “The Southern Book Club’s Guide to Slaying Vampires,” a SIBA bookseller favorite.

Here is the confirmed schedule so far:

Reader Meet Writer, Okra Pick
April 7 Southern Book Club's Guide to Slaying Vampires / Grady Hendrix
April 16 The Coyotes of Carthage / Steven Wright
April 21 Blue Marlin / Lee Smith
April 28 Feels Like Falling / Kristy Woodson Harvey
May 5 Before She Was Helen / Caroline B. Cooney

May 20 The Prettiest Star / Carter Sickels
May 21 A Taste of Sage / Yaffa Santos

Reader Meet Writer,
Southern Edition
May 6 Native / Kaitlin Curtice
May 12 Hello Summer / Mary Kay Andrews

More events will be added as authors are confirmed. To participate, email  
IMPORTANTYou must contact SIBA by Saturday, April 4th to be included in the first event with Grady Hendrix

We sold out of copies of Taylor’s book and have re-ordered to meet demand. We were really pleased to be able to offer this to our customers and it came at just the right time. It gave folks something else to think about and our community really loves hearing from authors. We’re so grateful that SIBA is doing the heavy lifting.  That really helps us out right now with the 75 thousand things we are doing.” -Serena Wycoff, Copperfish Books

What participating stores do:

  1.   Promoting the event to their customer base.
  2.   Handling ticket and book sales, and providing SIBA with the number of RSVPs.
  3.   Providing their customers with the specially created link and passcode to attend the online event.
  4.   Reporting book sales and feedback to SIBA after the event is over

What SIBA does:

  1.   Scheduling all Reader Meet Writer events
  2.   Preparing presenters with what they need for the event
  3.   Preparing all the materials participating bookstores will need to promote the event
  4.   Hosting the event itself, including handling all technical issues and managing all event logistics

“We had 35 people RSVP and sold 20 books.  I call that a success.” – Tom Lowenburg, Octavia Books

A pilot event was held on March 31 with eight bookstores and Taylor Brown, an Okra Pick author whose book tour for his new novel, Pride of Eden, had been scheduled for over a dozen of southern bookstores before being cancelled.  The test event attracted almost 100 attendees, which stores were able to leverage into book sales.

 “What I loved about this is that all the work was done for me.... I have a ready-made virtual event that I just need to share. It is a part of my store it is a part of my store community and it is something I can offer with No Work on my part. I create a special email address for RSVPs. I create an event page (with the verbiage already templated by SIBA) and push it. I wait for the link from Wanda and send that to my RSVPS. I am offering something to my customers that some of them really need- the ability to connect with people and authors around books. I can keep them engaged with our platform and our store...  and I can focus on the time-consuming drain that is all the other work.” – Kimberly Daniels, The Country Bookshop

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