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This began as a collection of posts provided to the no longer Bargain Book News for all booksellers from SIBA, with love. But it is switching to a blog for the industry with news that we hope is valuable for the industry at large, from SIBA, with love.


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Table Assignments! Important information for #SIBA18 exhibitors

Posted By Administration, Tuesday, August 14, 2018

We are so looking forward to seeing everyone next month at the Innisbrook Resort in Tampa. We're certain that everybody is going to love the space and have a great show. 

Exhibitor Booth Numbers have been published

Drayage and shipping information is here

Exhibitors should take a few minutes now to check their information for accuracy and avoid any dissapointments later. Like each of you, SIBA wants its exhibitors to be well-represented:

  1. Is your company name correct? This is how it will appear in the show directory, online and on your sign at the show.
  2. First time exhibitors are marked with a gold star. If you are a first timer and want a gold star, email
  3. All sponsors are marked with a blue star. If you are a sponsor and don't have a clue star, email
  4. If you represent more than one company, please confirm all your represented companiess are listed and the show specials are accurate
  5. Confirm any booth signing information included in your listing.
  6. Please confirm the number of tables you have been assigned matches the number you have reserved. Contact immediately if you think there is a discrepancy.

Changes to your listings can be made via the form here. To be sure we don't miss any corrections, we ask that you submit all changes via the form in preference to emailing SIBA staff.

Changes made after Friday, 8/17 are not guaranteed to be included in the print directory

Many thanks, and see you in September!

Nicki Leone

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It's not too late to join us in Florida for #SIBA18 Discovery Show.

Posted By Wanda Jewell, Tuesday, August 14, 2018

It's not too late to join us in Florida for #SIBA18 Discovery Show.

The show is coming together and we'd love to have you there.  We've assigned booth numbers. The Show Directory is soon headed to the printer.  Booksellers are registering every day.  But it is not too late for you. Be in touch and let us help you get you and your product in front of some of the smartest booksellers in the world. Besides connecting with booksellers (one interaction with a bookstore translates into 10,000 interaction with readers on average weekly). Learn more about the remarkable Return on Investment in SIBA's new Press Kit.

In addition to the floor opportunities which include the Buyers Raffle, Scavenger Hunt, and Exhibit Events, we are also offering many other opportunities to connect with booksellers.  Let us know if you are interested in helping us test Pop-Up RepPix on the show floor.  On Wednesday before the show, there's an opportunity to attend Driving Eureka with Doug Hall, and The Bookstores Tour. You can also checkout the 2019 TrioLive.  The 2018 Trio writers are reaping the benefits.

On Thursday, gather a gaggle of accounts and enter the SIBA ESCAPEroom. a rare opportunity to work together towards a common goal while learning the strengths of each player.  Check out the EUREKAsiba Talks track as we will be repeating this TED Talks knock-off on March 19, 2019, and this is destined to become SIBA's Crown Jewel.  EUREKAsiba is an innovative opportunity for authors to both make a splash and galvanize booksellers. 

You don't want to miss the #SIBA18 Discovery Show.

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eBlast Special Promo thru August 31!

Posted By Linda-Marie Barrett, Monday, August 13, 2018

 eBlast Promo Special Thru August 31! 

By far the most popular promotion SIBA runs are its SIBA eBlasts -- an electronic postcard sent to over 770 indie booksellers, including frontline booksellers, the folks who will merchandise and handsell your books to readers. eBlasts are ideal for generating pre-publication buzz and Indie Next pics, reminding stores of upcoming on-sale dates, or inviting requests for review copies.

eBlasts pay off:

  • Average open rate of 33%
  • High engagement rate -- 80% of the people who open the email keep it open long enough to read it.

Done right, a SIBA eBlast is one of the most high-impact, cost-effective promotions that SIBA offers. Which is why they are in high demand, with entire weeks reserved months in advance.

As the trade show nears and your list of titles to push out to booksellers grows, consider scheduling an eBlast with us. You can communicate about the upcoming Discovery show, promote a special offer on certain titles, or boost one title in a big way. We're offering $100 off any eBlasts scheduled before September 1st, to run after that date. Please use the code "eBlastBliss" to get this special rate. 

Contact to schedule your eBlast! Check out recent eBlasts below!

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#SIBA18: Join us on Facebook

Posted By Nicki Leone, Tuesday, July 31, 2018


SIBA18 Discovery ShowThe SIBA18 Discovery Show is just around the corner. . .from our perspective it almost feels like it will be happening the day after tomorrow.

To keep people up to date on the show and the program, we've created a facebook event:

Join us there

We invite anyone interested in the show -- whether attending, exhibiting, or even just interested in learning more -- to sign up. We'll be posting updates to the schedule and program, asking for feedback, and responding to questions. After the show we'll create a forum for participants to talk about their exeperience and provide valuable input for future shows.

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Let's Talk 40-second Pitch + Scavenger Hunt

Posted By Wanda Jewell, Monday, July 30, 2018

Let's Talk 40-second Pitch + Scavenger Hunt

If you haven't read Maximize Your Presence at #SIBA18, you should. Today we are going to marry #2 and #4 from that article's list: the 40 second pitch and the Scavenger Hunt.  Here's my 40-second pitch to potential vendors for The Discovery Show:

"Certainly exhibiting at the SIBA Discovery Show is an investment, but if it's your desire to connect with indie booksellers in the south and build relationships that translate into repeat sales, the SIBA Discovery Show is the place for you.  We've learned that our bookstores have contact with 10,000 readers per week, on average.  What does that mean for you?  A meaningful contact with a single bookseller at our show can result in meaningful contact with over 130,000 readers per season.  We know books and booksellers. We have access to the smartest bookstores in the country. We have your back.  We want to help you sell your books."

Become intimate with your pitch.  You want to come across conversational, as though the words are coming to you as you are speaking them. Focus on the single most important information you want to impart.  I'm happy to help you formulate your pitch.  You can reach me at 803.994.9530.

Now, to the Scavenger Hunt.  The Scavenger Hunt is designed to allow you to connect with your booth visitors in a meaningful way.  First, your item should be affordable and should connect to your brand in some way.  Here's an example:  Let's say SIBA is going to exhibit at a Library Show with the express purpose of getting more librarians to attend The Discovery Show.  I'd start by ordering library cards and each card would have the same information with a book titled: Southern Indie Bookselling, Author: Reeden Wright, Due Date would be the dates of the show, and the Issued to: would be "Smart Librarian"; and I would also invest in an ink stamp with the SIBA logo and the words "Check it out", and stamp each card.  Our scavenger hunt item would be: library card for book by Reeden Wright

And then when a librarian approached our booth asking, "Do you have a chocolate covered ant, or a blue flip-flop, or a library card for a book by Reeden Wright?", I'd answer, "We do.  We also have the largest book industry show in the south.  I used to be a librarian myself, and I'd love to share with you the many ways attending our show could benefit you, your library, and your patrons.  We have over 100 writers attend our Discovery Show as well as booksellers and publishers.  The Southern Indie Booksellers Alliance is home to The Discovery Show.  I hope you will check it out." And then I'd hand over the library card.

I hope you'll spend some time on both your pitch and your scavenger hunt item.  They could make all the difference.  I look forward to seeing you at The Discovery Show in Florida in September.  



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Circle of Sites: SIBA's Premium Promotion of New Titles to Consumers

Posted By Linda-Marie Barrett, Monday, July 30, 2018

Circle of Sites: SIBA's Premium Promotion of New Titles to Consumers

Circle of Sites (CoS) is revolutionary and innovative. You can one-stop shop your new title for an entire week on independent bookstore websites across the South. Your banner ad will carry special links to allow browsers to purchase your book from the store site they're on when clicked. As a bonus, we'll promote your title as a "Lady Banks' Pick of the Week" to the consumer market, and encourage bookstores to feature in-store displays.

The SIBA Circle of Sites pricing model is very affordable at $899/week for members and $1699/week for nonmembers. For members, this comes to just $18/per bookstore for a highly visible and clicked on banner ad. 

Approximately 50 bookstores currently participate in the Circle of Sites program and run the banner, including such high-profile stores as Avid Bookshop in Athens, GA, Malaprop's Bookstore/Cafe in Asheville, NC, Flyleaf Books in Chapel Hill, NC, and Octavia Books in New Orleans, LA.

Want to give this a try? If you've never placed a CoS banner ad, contact us and we'll book you into the available week of your choice for HALF-PRICE! 

Have questions or want to see samples of banner ads? Please contact

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#SIBA18: What happens on August 1st

Posted By Nicki Leone, Tuesday, July 24, 2018

SIBA18 Discovery Show
#SIBA18: What happens on August 1

  • Prices for exhibit tables go up by $100 on August 1st. That is NEXT WEEK. Regular tables will go from $695 to $795 (member pricing). Wall tables will go from $795 to $895 (member pricing). Register

  • Your directory listing is due on August 1st. Click here to check your listing and/or submit a new listing. SIBA is promoting your listings in advance of the show to its core bookstore members, so listing early is a good way to receive early attention for your show specials.

  • Your Directory Ad reservation is due on August 1st. You do not need to exhibit to place an ad in the directory, so directory ads are an excellent way to have a presence at the show even if circumstances prevent you from exhibiting. You are reaching an audience wholly focused on ordering for the fall and holiday season, making the directory ad especially effective for promoting backlist specials or holiday frontlist. click here

  • August 1 - September 7 is the perdiod that shipments can arrive at the show drayage company. Details and shipping instructions here

  • Attendee mailing lists will be available beginning August 1 for exhibitors interested in advance promotion. Email


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Print is Dead. Long Live Print.

Posted By Wanda Jewell, Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Print is Dead. Long Live Print.

SIBA prints a directory every year for The Discovery Show. This directory is filled with all of the info that assists everyone in finding their way once onsite.  We also send any extras out to booksellers who missed the show in hopes it will inspire them to attend in the future.  This years' theme is #MakeYourMark and I invite you to Make Your Mark at #SIBA18 with a print ad in the Show Directory.  The Directory kicks off recognizing all of our sponsors.  (You can join that list as well if you'd like, just reach out to  The Directory also lists all of the Exhibitors and their show listings, the Schedule of Events and much, much more.  If you can't get to the show for some reason I cannot imagine, the Directory is an affordable way to get your name in front of booksellers.  Book your print ad today!  The deadline to reserve advertising is August 1.

Here's the details:


Design specs: 

Ads should be CMYK, tiff or pdf files. Minimum 300 dpi.

$600 - full page: 5 x 8 inches 
$600 - full page with bleed: 5.5 in width x 8.5 in height, bleed of .125 inch on all sides.
$500 - half page 5 x 4 inches (no bleeds allowed)
$400 - quarter page: 2.5 x 4 inches (no bleeds allowed)

Logos: 2x2 minimum
Listings: 50 words max.


Listings: August 1
Advertising: August 1

Send files to:

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Promote Your Book to over 60k readers with a Lady Banks Banner Ad

Posted By Linda-Marie Barrett, Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Promote Your Book to over 60k readers with a Lady Banks Banner Ad

Make a big splash with your new title! We recommend a banner ad in our Lady Banks newsletter, marketed directly to consumers, with over 60k readers weekly. These ads are up for a week, highly visible, and placed between newsletter sections, top to bottom, first-come, first-served. They are exclusive and don’t share space with any other listing.  

Look at the stats! Most important for your title, these banner ads enjoy the highest open rate on the page, after the Lady Banks’ introduction, with recent averages of 39-48% open rates. We can share impression and click thru stats with you upon request.

Not just for Southern Books! Lady Banks banner ads aren’t just for southern books. We regularly run banner ads featuring adult and children’s books by authors and in settings outside of our territory, with equal success at open and click through rates. Our readers, though certainly fans of southern literature, are passionate about good books in general, and demonstrate this week after week as they explore the offerings in our banner ads.

Great Rates! Just $399 for one week, add a second week for $199, a third for $99, a fourth for $49 and the fifth week is free. Total cost for a five week run is $746.

Give it a try! Need more info or want to give this a try? Email  Place #BigSplash in your subject line to enjoy a 10% discount.

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SIBA stores plus Southern Hospitality equals stellar events for your authors!

Posted By Linda-Marie Barrett, Tuesday, July 17, 2018

SIBA stores plus Southern Hospitality equals stellar events for your Authors!

In stat after stat SIBA bookstores demonstrate their robustness and collective clout. Did you know SIBA bookstores host over 15,000 events a year? Generate booksales of over $115 million annually? Reach over 1.5 million readers through social media? These are just a few of the amazing statistics in SIBA’s new press kit.

We work together to promote your events to the biggest audience possible. When you book events for authors in SIBA stores, they are routinely shared on our SIBA and ARTS facebook pages, reaching an additional 15-22k followers. We promote events in our Lady Banks Calendar of Events, sent weekly to readers throughout our eleven-state region. And we list here, on our page.

We make sure all sales count! Over 90% of SIBA stores report to the ABA Indie Bestseller List, and over 80% of SIBA stores report to the NYT bestseller list. SIBA also hosts a Southern Indie Bestseller List focusing on sales at independent bookstores across the south, and a "Special to the Southern List” focusing on the books southern customers are especially interested in.

Want to get to know our stores better? Check out this listing of SIBA bookstores by state. SIBA stores are eager to work with you on pre-sale campaigns, author tours, social media blasts, offsite opportunities, and more. Need more info on how to connect with them? Please let us know and we’ll make the introductions.

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