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This began as a collection of posts provided to the no longer Bargain Book News for all booksellers from SIBA, with love. But it is switching to a blog for the industry with news that we hope is valuable for the industry at large, from SIBA, with love.


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The #SIBA18 Discovery Show Schedule of Events is Up! Are Your Authors on the Program?

Posted By Linda-Marie Barrett, Tuesday, July 17, 2018

The #SIBA18 Discovery Show Schedule of Events is Up! Are Your Authors on the Program?

Did you know the #SIBA18 Discovery Show Schedule of Events is available for viewing? This year’s theme is Make Your Mark and we’re offering so many opportunities for attendees to explore how they can do that in big and small ways.

Our show features FOUR tracks of education and experience: EUREKAsiba talks, EDUCATIONsessions, AUTHORinteractions, and a teambuilding ESCAPEroom. Minds will be jogged, inspired, and blown! See anything you’d like to attend, including Wednesday’s deep dive session on innovation with Doug Hall and our bookstore tours of Inkwood Books and Oxford Exchange? Email and we’ll make it so.

Do you have an author who is part of our programming? Find their listing with "ctrl f” or "command f” and please let us know if everything looks good or needs addressing. If you missed the Call for Authors deadline and still have authors you'd like considered for the show, simply enter their details here. If you think you have confirmed your author and they do not appear on the schedule, email right away.  You can also check out the confirmed authors on the #SIBA18 Pinterest Board.

We’re so excited to host publishers, authors, sideline vendors, and our biggest annual gathering of SIBA booksellers at the #SIBA18 Discovery Show in Tampa, Florida. Be a part of it and make your mark, too!

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Flying off the (Lady Banks) Bookshelf

Posted By Nicki Leone, Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Flying off the (Lady Banks) Bookshelf!

Last month's roll out of the newly dusted off and redesigned Lady Banks Bookshelf has already yielded some impressive results, including a 23% increase in audience reach (from 17K to 22.5K), and a 16% jump in engagement (from 585 to 700) in on social media, and a 10% rise in impressions, 14% rise in click throughs via email.

SIBA is attributing the success to a more strongly focused target audience, more active engagement with member bookstores, and a fresh, more visually appealing presence that also appeals to the reader's sense of adventure and individuality: Lady Banks's Bookshelf -- Books for the independently minded reader:

Little Shop of StoriesLittle Shop of StoriesLittle Shop of StoriesLittle Shop of Stories

July's featured bookstores are Little Shop of Stories, Malaprop's Bookstore/Cafe, Novel., and Octavia Books

Listings are $499 and space is limited. Click here or contact Linda-Marie

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Last Call for August Circle of Sites

Posted By Nicki Leone, Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Last Call for August Circle of Sites

There is still space available on SIBA's "Circle of Sites" calendar for August. CoS is an ideal launch date promotion that targets the consumer audience -- the customers who shop at independent bookstores. The promotion offers a week of exclusive simulataneous promotion on the websites of 50 bookstores across the South, plus featured promotion in the weekly Lady Banks Commonplace Book and Lady Banks Calendar newsletters.

That translates into an audience of about 50,000 friends, fans and followers, and an average of 35,000 to 45,000 impressions every week.

Circle of Sites is designed to build momentum for titles from their launch day on out, so weeks run Tuesday to Monday. They are also designed to promote sales, so all banners click through to product pages for purchase.

Cost is $899 per week (less than $17 per website!) Click here to reserve a week, or email Wanda Jewell

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There's Money in Here!

Posted By Wanda Jewell, Tuesday, July 10, 2018

There's Money in Here!

Exhibiting at #SIBA18? Know a bookstore who should be there and has never been?  Get them to #SIBA18 and there's $100 in it for both of you.  Just copy on your outreach email to them, and we'll take it from there.  The more booksellers the more robust the Discovery Show is for all of us.  We haven't been in Florida for a few years and you may know Florida bookstores that have not taken advantage of attending the #SIBA18 Show.  Help us change that.  

It's not too late to be a Bookseller Angel.  Sponsor a bookseller to attend the #SIBA18 Discovery Show for only $1000.  This covers hotel, food, and travel for a bookseller to attend the show.  

And if you haven't registered yet, register now.

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Meet Star Lowe, owner of Star Line Books in Chattanooga, TN, and winner of an "Introduce an Indie" scholarship to this year's Book Expo

Posted By Linda-Marie Barrett, Tuesday, July 10, 2018
Star Lowe, owner of Star Line Books in Chattanooga, TN, was one of eighteen booksellers who received the "Introduce an Indie" scholarship to attend this year's Book Expo in NYC. The program, designed in collaboration with the American Booksellers Association (ABA) and nine regional bookseller associations, offered a unique opportunity to be fully immersed in the book industry. Star shares her first-ever experience of Book Expo:
"I was shocked to be awarded a scholarship! Even up to the last minute, I didn’t know if I was going to be able to swing it. The shop is having some growing pains, and I was super busy meeting with my accountant and lender negotiating a potential new location for Star Line Books. I was also dealing with a heavy events calendar, and helping my oldest move into his first house! I was so grateful to have attended the SIBA-sponsored How to Prepare a Press Kit for Your Store and How to Pitch Your Store to Publicists webinars with Maribeth Pelly. Katie worked on it, and with the help of Kelly Justice of Fountain Bookstore, we got it revised and pitch ready. The How to Pitch Your Store webinar included role-playing, which let me know what I was walking into with the speed dating session I attended at Book Expo. I wasn’t signed up for any, due to my aforementioned timing issue, but Kelly allowed me to use the last two minutes of her 11-minute sessions. I couldn’t have asked for a more gracious mentor. She and her colleague, Carl Kranz, have taken Katie and me under their wings, and no question is seen as too insignificant. I had a catbird’s seat watching Kelly pitch before my turns. Having done no publisher prep ahead of time to familiarize myself with their upcoming tour grids, I learned on the fly, and used what I gleaned from Kelly’s pitch to fit my store’s pitch. I was confident enough following the speed dating sessions to cold call some of the publishers with authors I knew I wanted to host in Chattanooga.
I now know exactly how I need to prep to hit the ground running next year. I’ll have my publisher wish lists, and be familiar with the tour grids, and sign up early for the publisher meetings. Despite my lack of preparation, I managed to make some valuable contacts. Also, I was surprised at how few books I collected to send home. I just didn’t waste time in signing lines, and although my booksellers were a bit disappointed at the lack of ARCs I snagged, I feel like I finally did the job I have been trying to learn to do for over three years. I operated like the owner and manager of an indie bookstore who hustled my shop. It was uncomfortable at first, but I sucked it up, stepped up to the plate, and got a base hit! I consider this my biggest success. Side note, HOLY COW! Nothing prepared me for what it was like to step into the Javits Center in full Book Expo glory! Going back to the baseball metaphors, it was like taking the field for the first game of the World Series."



 Star is pictured above with author Susanna Kearsley, and to the left with mentor Carl Kranz from Fountain Bookstore of Richmond, Va.

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The Scavenger Hunt and SIBA App Giveaway — What the heck are they?

Posted By Administration, Tuesday, July 3, 2018

What's the Scavenger Hunt? How does the App Giveaway work? There are two of the most common questions we get from exhibitors (right up there with "How many chairs do we get?")

SIBA's main priority for the Discovery Show floor is to help booksellers find vendors. And especially, find NEW vendors. So far from simply throwing open the doors and leaving people to fend for themselves while wandering the aisles, SIBA created the Show floor scavenger hunt and app giveaway to raise the visibility of our exhibitors and drive booksellers to their booths.

Show Floor Scavenger Hunt

Free to participate! Exhibitors tell SIBA of an item that can be found at their booth, and SIBA adds it to the Exhibit Hall Scavenger Hunt list that is printed in the show directory. Booksellers who complete the scavenger hunt are put in a drawing to win a free, all expenses-paid trip to #siba19 -- that's about a $1000 value, so the motivation and competition is high.

The Scavenger Hunt is the ideal use for those great little promotional items you've created around your lead titles.

What's required:

  1. each exhibitor can only list one item.
  2. exhibitors should be prepared to have at least 40 of the item to give to scavenger hunt players.
  3. to participate, fill out your scavenger hunt item in the exhibitor listing form

And make the most of this opportunity. Don't leave your items out on your table for booksellers to find and take without talking to you. Make them ask for it, and don't hand it over without also talking to them about your books. All the booksellers expect this from exhibitors, so take the time to introduce yourself!

The SIBA APP Giveaway

Also free to participate! SIBA created the App Giveaway" to encourage engagement with the SIBA's "Social Link" app. During the show, SIBA posts giveaways from exhibitors that can only be claimed via the app. The winner is sent to your booth to claim their prize.

What's required:

  1. a digital photo and description of item.
  2. the item must be on hand at the exhibit booth for the winner to claim.
  3. to participate, fill out your app giveaway item in the exhibitor listing form

And naturally, it goes without saying that to take advantage of these opportunities you need to be registered exhibitors for the show. So if you haven't registered yet, now is the time!


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Call for Directory Listings & Sales Rep Profiles

Posted By Nicki Leone, Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Beginning this month, SIBA will be promoting our #siba18 exhibitors to our member booksellers in advance of the show in September. Specifically, we'll be highlighting exhibitor listings and profiling sales reps.

To arrange a profile for your sales rep, contact Linda-Marie at

To submit, update, or confirm your exhibitor listing click here

Your directory listing can also contain up to three booth signings in addition to your main listing. As soon as you know your booth signing information, submit it on the form at the link above.


Your table reservation includes a 50‐word description for the show directory both print and online. Attendees use the directory to prioritize their time on the show floor, so take some time
crafting your listing.

A Directory Logo ListingSome do's and don'ts:

  1. DON'T include information that can be easily found online: that's a waste of valuable space.

  2. DO include information that will make booksellers want to visit your booth: show specials, giveaways, special events around lead titles

  3. DO use industry-accepted shorthand to save space. For example:
    "Backlist special: 10+ 90d FF 48% thru 12/31"
    translates to "Backlist special: Order 10 or more units and receive 90 days dating, free freight, and a 48% discount, offer good through December 31st."

  4. DON'T use special formatting or links in your listing -- they won't appear in the final directory.

  5. DO consider enhancing your listing. Include up to three Booth Signings (does not count against your word limit. And consider purchasing a Logo-enhanced listing to make your listing really stand out. A logo listing costs $300 and can be reserved by submitting your logo in the listing form


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Help SIBA Build a Booklist for Adults and Kids Featuring the Immigrant and Refugee Experience

Posted By Linda-Marie Barrett, Wednesday, June 27, 2018


Help SIBA Build a Booklist for Adults and Kids Featuring the Immigrant or Refugee Experience

SIBA aims to build on the efforts of Avid Bookshop’s Manager of Children’s Books, Hannah DeCamp and offer member stores and consumers a book list on the timely topic of the refugees. Her “Books for Kids Featuring the Immigrant or Refugee Experience”  is an exceptional place to start. We’re reaching out to publishers who have titles for kids and adults that will help readers of all ages understand better the plight of refugees and immigrants as they seek to make new homes and rebuild their lives. If you have a title you’d like us to add to our list, please email We’ll make our list available to all stores via an Edelweiss collection, for ease of ordering. Thank you for your help!

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Maximize Your Presence at #SIBA18

Posted By Nicki Leone, Wednesday, June 27, 2018
Untitled Document



There is still time to register as an exhibitor at the #siba18 Discovery Show in Tampa at the Early Bird rates, but the clock is ticking. On August 1, prices for exhibit tables jump by $100, so now is the time to place your reservations and plan your show strategy. You will be meeting with hundreds of SIBA bookstores from across an 11-state region.

And did you know that, on average, every SIBA member store is in contact with 10,000 or more readers, every week? That makes your face-to-face interactions with booksellers at the show possibly the most valuable 10-20 minutes you will spend all year. Here's some tips on how to make the most of it:

Start Early! Laying the groundwork in advance can improve your exposure and your show experience.

  1. Request a mailing list from SIBA. Although attendee lists are usually incomplete until later in the summer, SIBA can send lists of her member stores. Use them to promote your show specials, booth signings, on site promotions, and lead titles. Encourage them to come by your booth. Email Nicki to request a mailing list.

  2. Develop a 40-second pitch. You already know the importance of a sales pitch; don't underestimate its importance on the show floor. Ask yourself: What is the most important information they need to hear? Don't repeat the info they already have-- add new information.

  3. Submit your directory listing. Every exhibitor gets a 50-word listing in the show's print and online directory. Stores use those listings to prioritize the booths they are going to visit, so think carefully about what you want to include. DO NOT repeat information booksellers can find on Google. Do include information that will be important to them, such as show specials, and will draw them to your booth, like booth signings. Directory Listings can be submitted here.

  4. Take advantage of the Scavenger Hunt. Your table reservation also includes free participation in the SIBA Show Floor Scavenger Hunt, a game designed by SIBA as a way to encourage booksellers to visit booths they might otherwise pass by. 

    The list of scavenger hunt items is in the show directory, and bookstores that collect all the items (all giveaways found at exhibitor tables) become eligible to win a free trip to next year's show. Needless to say, bookstores are very motivated. By offering an item for the hunt, you guarantee that bookstores will come to your booth. You can sign up for the scavenger hunt when you submit your show directory listing.

  5. Make your social network connections early. Here is a list of SIBA member stores. Like them, friend them, and follow them. The SIBA Discovery Show tag is #siba18. Use it to talk to them about your lead fall titles.

  6. Plan your table exhibit. Sure, everyone loves tables piled high with books, but you can do more. A good exhibit, like a good store display, is enticing. It draws people in and invites conversation. So think ahead of time about conversation starters and the kinds of things that will make a person stop at your booth. Unusual and attractive displays receive more traffic.

Download our complete guidelines to maximize your presence at the show

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Lady Banks Gets a New Bookshelf

Posted By Nicki Leone, Wednesday, June 27, 2018


SIBA's most popular consumer-targeted promotion gets an upgrade

Beginning in June, SIBA is updating one of its regular promotions to better benefit both its member bookstores and its advertising partners. "Lady Banks Bookshelf" is a collection of six books that are promoted for the month on Facebook, in the Lady Banks newsletter and on the (ARTS) website. Books click through to a page where they can be purchased from a SIBA member store.

What is changing?

1) SIBA will feature a new destination store will each week. Stores will be notified in advance when their week is scheduled, and encouraged to promote the shelf in their own social media accounts and to their own customers.

Lady Banks Bookshelf2) The promotion will now take users to a mobile-friendly, easily shareable page promoting both the current books and the store for the week. All books will click through to the store's website for purchase.

3) Boosted promotions will now target audiences located geographically near thefeatured store.

4) Although the promoted books will still remain constant for an entire month, the promotion will refresh its look weekly, with new imagesbannerstag lines, and social media posts.

5) Stores will be able to tag and share Lady Banks Bookshelf directly with their customers. Stores may also create Lady Banks Bookshelf pages on their own websites, making it easier for customers to view all the promoted books.

6) Because there is no true end date for a social media post, the destination link for a bookstore's Lady Banks Bookshelf feature will stay active indefinitely, even after the promotion's official time period has ended, thus ensuring the capture of any long tail consumer interest.

Sample banner for websites and newsletters:

The Books on Lady Banks' Bookshelf


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