SIBA: March Madness Bookseller Series

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March Madness Bookstore Schedule

SIBA in the Springtime (SITS) takes our programming to a new level of participation and engagement by member booksellers. May we present our March Madness Bookseller Series! Fourteen bookstores across our territory will host one-day education and networking gatherings running from 10am-3pm with an author luncheon. Events are within 2-3 hours driving distance from a majority of our member stores, and take place over a three-week period in March. Booksellers may register for multiple events, as each host store's education is tailored to share their best practices and innovations. We're so excited to offer this range of programming to our booksellers, and are opening up registration now so folks can save the date!

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All events free to booksellers who are current members of their regional associations. Click the button below to get started!

Independent Bookstore Day and Bookstore Passport Programs

The Oxford Exchange
Tampa FL
Monday, March 9 | 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM

Laura Taylor

Presented by Laura Taylor.

Session Description: The collaboration between Independent Bookstores is our greatest weapon against big box stores. Join other booksellers to brainstorm and put into place an innovative regional bookstore passport program which would engage and inspire our local customers to seek out Independent Bookstores wherever they are. All discussions about Independent Bookstore Day and ways to feed and support your local bookstores will be encouraged!

From noon to 1:00 PM, booksellers will enjoy lunch with a visiting author, and the afternoon will include a store tour and further discussion and networking on bookseller issues.

Laura Taylor is going on her seventh year at Oxford Exchange and her sixth year running the buying and programming of the Bookstore. She has a varied background as a retail small business owner in Asia, as well as several years as a Chef. Oxford Exchange is a unique owner operated restaurant, shop, bookstore, private event space and design studio.