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SIBA’s enhanced e-mail presence reaches thousands of booksellers, book lovers and industry professionals.  SIBA actively grows its mailing list of booksellers and consumers. Our list includes both store owners and staff wherever possible. E-mail announcements can reach thousands of subscribers.  A coordinated campaign using web site and e-mail advertising can help generate that all-important word-of-mouth buzz necessary to the success of any book or product. 


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Reach over 850 bookstores, with the SIBA eBlast. An eBlast is an electronic postcard dedicated to your message, and is sent not only to bookstores, but wherever possible directly to individual bookstore staff as well. eBlasts are scheduled to deploy on whatever date you specify, with the caveat that we will only send one per day, so dates have to be reserved. eBlasts can be used for any message you like -- to promote a specific book, a series or new product line, or a merchandizing option or special offer.

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Target Audience: Booksellers
Circulation: ~1000 Bookstores and Individual Booksellers
Frequency: One-time / (one per day)
Average Open Rate: 25%
Average Click Through Rate: 3%

Design Specs:

Size: 800 x 800
Formats: jpg, gif, png
Other requirements: URL links and eblast subject lines must be provided by client
Deadlines: 5 days before run date -- SIBA blasts run as scheduled 
Send files to:

Notes: All SIBA eblasts are SPAM-tested at before being released for a final proof. Potential issues are addressed and the client informed before any eblast is sent out. 


Galleys & Giveaways

List review copy offers for books in SIBA’s Galleys & Giveaways—an alert sent as part of SIBA's weekly "In the Land of SIBA" newsletter to all SIBA booksellers. Galleys & Giveaways allows publishers to get books into the hand of the people who will handsell them and capture the email addresses of booksellers truly interested in their books. Galleys & Giveaways can also be used to encourage bookseller participation in other non-book promotions. Contests, marketing materials, book trailer announcements, and gift samples, are all appropriate content.

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Target Audience: Booksellers
Circulation: ~850 Bookstores and Individual Booksellers
Frequency: Monthly

Design Specs:

Jacket image files should be submitted as jpeg files. Copy can be up to 250 words, and should include bibliographic data and the contact email for requesting review copies.

-- an image of the book jacket or item
-- the standard catalog copy description
-- bibliographic information (title/author/publisher/put date/ price/format/isbn, etc)
--the email address booksellers should use to contact someone if they are interested in a review copy or more information about the book.

Deadline: the Monday of the week it will run



Lady Banks Bookshelf

Target Audience: Consumers
Circulation: ~50,000 consumers
Frequency: Monthly (runs 4-5 times/month in Lady Banks newsletter)

Design Specs:

Bookshelf ads require only a jacket image of the book (jpg or gif) and the ad copy (250 word maximum) Books must be listed in the database.
Deadline: the last Friday of the month prior.

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Lady Banks Banner

Target Audience: Consumers
Circulation: ~10,000 consumers
Frequency: Weekly

Design specs:

Banner Ad Sizes:  Horizontal: (440x125)
Formats: jpg, gif
Deadlines: 5 days before run date. Lady Banks newsletters run weekly.

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DIY Email List

SIBA Members can request a mailing list at any time. Mailing lists are provided in .csv format. Email


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