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Lady Banks' Commonplace Book is SIBA's primary push vehicle for marketing directly to consumers. A newsletter for people interested in Southern literature, sponsored by booksellers who are members of SIBA and featuring an overview of literary news and events as found on Authors 'Round the South, Lady Banks reaches over 10,000 readers--the people who are buying your books. Impression and click thru statistics are made available to all advertisers upon request.

Commonplace books first appeared during the Renaissance, where they were used as a way to deal with the information overload of that era. They helped students select and organize tidbits of interest--medical recipes, quotes, letters, poems, proverbs, prayers, legal formulas. The Lady Banks climbing rose (Rosa banksaie) is ubiquitous throughout the South. It is one of the first roses to bloom in the spring, with its abundant yellow blossoms weighing down its thornless canes. Lady Banks roses have a sweet fragrance and can be found both in the carefully attended gardens of restored antebellum houses and in the ditches along country roads.

Lady Banks' compendium of literary events, news, reviews, gossip and other miscellany attracts a wide audience of curious and adventurous readers, united by their love of all things Southern.


  • Frequency: Weekly. Lady Banks goes out every Tuesday or Wednesday
  • Circulation: approximately 10,000
  • Social Media: Promoted on Twitter and Facebook under the @ladybanks and @readermtwriter handles, and on the ReaderMeetWriter Facebook page. Approximate reach is 50,000 people

Lady Banks Bookshelf
Lady Banks Bookshelf on Facebook

Lady Banks Bookshelf has the widest reach of any of SIBA's promotions. Designed to blanket all of SIBA's online promotional avenues, the Bookshelf is a month-long promotion that is featured on Facebook, Twitter, and in the Lady Banks newsletter.   SIBA has diligently increased our presence on Facebook via marketing and advertising to the point where we have over 12,000 fans and an influence reach of nearly a million readers.  The income from this re-launched Lady Banks Bookshelf is used to extend the reach of your title to more and more readers.  Purchasing placement on Lady Banks Bookshelf insures a far-reaching, multi-impression effort for your book.  Here is where Lady Banks reveals her shelf:

  • At the top of our weekly email newsletter Lady Banks' Commonplace Book, directing consumers to buy links found at the LBB web page at Authors 'Round the South
  • Above the fold on the home page at Authors 'Round the South
  • Archived and visible at Lady Banks Bookshelf web page at Authors 'Round the South with buy links
  • Promoted on the cover image of the ARTS Facebook page with top pin preference to LBB web page with buy links

Specs:Bookshelf ads require only a jacket image of the book (jpg or gif) and the ad copy (250 word maximum) Books must be listed in the database.
Deadline: 5 days prior to run date. Bookshelf ads run on a monthly basis
Send files to:

Run Time:  One month, then archived
Target Audience: Consumers, Booksellers
Circulation: ~60,000
Average Impressions: 60,000



(header banner, 600x150)

(inline banner, 440x125)

Lady Banks Rate GuideBanner ads are available on the Lady Banks newsletter, spaced periodically through each edition (see right for sample of the #1 and #2 spots). Placement is between newsletter sections, top to bottom, first-come, first-served.

First spot: top of the newsletter, above the TOC
Second spot: After Lady Banks' intro
Third spot: After Commonplace Book excerpt, etc.

Banners on Lady Banks are exclusive and do not share space with any other listing. Unlike Bookshelf listings, a banner can be linked to any URL except online competitors of independent bookstores. Banners are 440x125, the same size as banners on,, and Circle of Sites, and can be coordinated with all those options for a comprehensive campaign. 

Lady Banks Header Banner

Space is now available at the header of the Lady Banks newsletter. Top placement ensures that your message is the first thing readers see. 

Design specs:

Banners size: 
440x125 (banner)
600x150 (header)
Formats: jpg, gif, png
Deadline: 5 days before run date.

Tip: Because Lady Banks campaigns are promoted to the consumer market, campaigns are generally linked to a SIBA member bookseller for purchase. Alternate link destinations must be approved by SIBA.


Editorial Content in Lady Banks

Lady Banks' Commonplace Book is a newsletter for people interested in Southern literature, sponsored by booksellers who are members of the Southern Independent Booksellers Alliance (SIBA) and featuring an overview of literary news and events as found on Authors 'Round the South. As such, the content that appears in each issue is aggregated from other news sources and from bookstore websites and social media postings. SIBA does not pay for editorial content in Lady Banks' Commonplace Book. We gather and publish literary news and information of interest to readers of her ladyship, the editor. However, we do accept-- and indeed, encourage -- submissions of content from authors and publishers, on the understanding that publication is not guaranteed and submissions may be edited for length or style. There are several regular sections in the newsletter that authors and publishers are encouraged to submit to:

Author 2 Author is a section for author essays and interviews. Authors may interview each other, or submit interviews they have given. Publication length for the newsletter is a maximum of 500 words, but interviews are also published on the Authors Round the South website, so lengthy submissions are simply excerpted for the Lady Banks Newsletter. See the A2A archive.

Parapalooza/The Book Trailer Park is our section for videos and book trailers. "Parapalooza" is an initiative to encourage people to share their favorite paragraphs from books by reading them aloud, "with feeling," in front of a video camera. Book trailers can be either professionally produced or a simple short (under four minutes) segment of the author talking about their book. See the Parapalooza Archive or visit Lady Banks Trailer Park on Pinterest.

Reviews and Excerpts: Lady Banks does not review books per se, but we publish the reviews and recommendations of SIBA booksellers. And the main voice of the newsletter, her ladyship, the editor, will often discuss what she is reading, or excerpt passages she enjoys. Review copies can be sent to the newsletter for consideration, and her ladyship will either consider them for the newsletter or make them available to SIBA booksellers for possible review.

Why Indies are important: Lady Banks does publish short personal essays from authors on the general theme of "the reading life" and why or how independent bookstores are important to the writer. A personal, anecdotal perspective resonates best with readers.

Books that changed my life: In the same vein as above, writers can submit a short piece about some of the books that had a meaningful impact on their lives, and how. 

Because the primary purpose of Lady Banks is to encourage readers to shop at independent bookstores, content that promotes online or chain competitors to independent bookstores cannot be accepted for publication.

Send review copies to:

Lady Banks Commonplace Book
c/o Nicki Leone
718 Hughes Rd.
Hampstead, NC 28443