Authors 'Round the South (ARTS) and Reader Meet Writer
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Authors 'Round the South logoAuthors 'Round the South (ARTS) and Reader Meet Writer

SIBA created Authors ’Round the South—ARTS—to be a literary hub where readers can find their favorite writers at their favorite bookstores. With your participation the ARTS calendar is the most complete collection of book signings, author appearances, book festivals and literary events associated with independent bookstores. is home to SIBA’s popular Find a Bookstore directory, which has links on hundreds of author websites. Your membership includes a profile page for your store, links to your store social network account, and SIBA will also post your store events to the ARTS calendar as staffing and time permits.

ARTS is also a fully-engaged website for Southern literary news with recommendations from booksellers, author interviews, bookstore features, videos, and archives the Southern Independent Bestseller List, the Okra Picks and the Lady Banks’ Commonplace newsletter.

All of the material on ARTS is available for bookstores to use in their own newsletters and promotions.

Find it online:


Which is the correct URL? or
They both work. will redirect to ARTS.

Where does the content on ARTS come from?
Many places -- some is created by SIBA, some provided from publishers or authors, and some comes from SIBA booksellers.

Can I really reprint content on ARTS in my own store newsletter and put it on my website?
Yes, you can. It is all yours to use to help promote books to your customers. The only credit that needs to be given is whatever is attached to the content you are using.

How do I get my staff picks listed on ARTS?
SIBA posts bookseller recommendations in the "Read This!" section on ARTS. They come from a variety of sources: your store newsletters and websites, recommendations submitted to Okra Picks, the SIBA Book Awards, and IndieNext, and recommendations you email us, post to the Watercooler groups or blog, or post on your own social networking accounts. SIBA doesn't promise to post 100% of the recommendations we see, but we do our best to post as many as we can. The only requirement is that the recommendation is written in your own words, (not just reprinted catalog copy), and that your store be a current member of SIBA. Recommendations are always linked back to the store in question.

How come some books on ARTS are linked to specific bookstores? Can my store be linked?
Because ARTS is promoted to the general public, we link books for purchase from our member stores wherever possible. SIBA doesn't earn money from book sales on the site, our goal is to drive traffic and sales to member stores. Every SIBA store that allows people to purchase books via their website is tracked in SIBA's member database, and we rotate through stores when we assign purchase links in consumer-targeted promotions like ARTS, the Southern Indie Bestseller List, and the Lady Banks newsletter. You can check to see if your store is in the rotation by logging in to your SIBA account and making sure that the appropriate selection is checked under the "e-commerce" field.

Store ideas

Reserve display space not only for the weekly Southern Indie Bestseller List (which is always available for download here), but also the "Special to the Southern List" -- a weekly list of books that are bestsellers in the South, but not on the national list

Create a display of "staff picks from our fellow booksellers" using the recommendations in the Read This! section of ARTS

Create a display of SIBA Book Award Finalists and Winners, present and past, and include space for "books that would be winners if we were in charge of the world"


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