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Circle of Sites

Currently appearing as Lady Banks Pick of the Week:
The Current Schedule

Lady Banks Pick of the Week/"Circle of Sites" and the Banner-for-Dues Program: 

In order to demonstrate the collective clout of independent bookstores and booksellers in the South SIBA has developed the Circle of Sites Banner-for-Dues program (aka "Lady Banks' Pick of the Week") for its members. Core Bookstore members can receive a FREE membership if they allow SIBA to place a single banner ad on the homepage of their website and commit to doing in-store displays of the promoted titles.

Program details:

  • SIBA provides stores running the banner with an up-to-date schedule of upcoming ads. The banner is also promoted in the Lady Banks newsletter,at, and on the ARTS Facebook page as "Lady Banks' Pick of the Week" (LBPOW).
  • SIBA also provides stores with pre-printed LBPOW shelf talkers, for use with in-store displays of the current week's promoted titles.
  • As long as the banner remains above the fold on the home page of the site, and at least 50% of the LBPOW titles are promoted in store, the store's SIBA membership is considered current. Stores may stop participating at any time, in which case membership dues must be paid in full.
  • SIBA offers its members the option of installing different formats for the banner—vertical or horizontal—with the requirement that banners must appear "above the fold" (visible to visitors without scrolling) on their homepage.

To take part in the banner-for-dues program, stores must have a compatible e-commerce option available on their store website and must commit to displaying at least 50% of the promoted titles in store, posting pictures of their store displays to the ARTS Facebook page.

Scheduling:  Ads run for one week from Tuesday midnight to Monday midnight. 

Contact Nicki at to sign up for Lady Banks Pick of the Week

FAQs about Lady Banks Pick of the Week/Circle of Sites

  • How often do I have to change the banner on my website?
    Never. Once your banner has been correctly installed, it will change automatically without any further action from you.
  • Do I have to stock the titles being advertised?
    Odds are, you will already have the books in stock. SIBA requires that stores make a committed effort to stock and display the promoted titles, and show their commitment by posting photos of their in-store displays on SIBA's consumer Facebook page or by tagging the page in their photo. SIBA provides shelf talkers stores can use as in-store signage.
  • Can SIBA install the banner code on my site for me?
    SIBA will provide the code and some basic advice, but stores are responsible for installing their own banner code
  • I don't have ecommerce on my website but I can show banners, can I still participate?
    No, participation requires that a person visiting your site be able to click on the banner to purchase the book from your store.
  • Which e-commerce platforms work with Circle of Sites?
    Currently SIBA has websites that use the following platforms in the program: Indie Commerce/IndieLite, Chrislands, Handseller, Bookmanager. But the program is open to any ecommerce platform that create a product page based on an ISBN search. Contact nicki@sibaweb.comfor a consultation about your store system.