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Lady Banks' Commonplace Book is a SIBA-sponsored weekly newsletter created to grow your customer-base and sales. The newsletter aggregates member bookstore events, bookseller book reviews, author interviews, and other literary news and is sent weekly to over 30,000 Southern readers, as well as the book industry. The newsletter is distributed across SIBA's social networks, making Lady Banks' Commonplace Book the highest profile consumer marketing piece SIBA produces. Posting your events to insures your inclusion in the Lady Banks' newsletter.

Post your events on the AuthorsRoundTheSouth events calendar and in the LB Commonplace Books newsletter:

The current issue and the Lady Banks archive can be found at

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B3! Points

Earn 3 B3! points by sending Lady Banks a book review.
Send Lady Banks an author interview and earn 2 B3! points.
Refer someone to the Lady Banks newsletter and earn 5 B3! points. (Subscription Link)


I never enter my events. How do they still end up in the newsletter?

SIBA elves will go through and enter store event information they find on website calendars. Their goal is to have as many SIBA member stores represented on the calendar as possible, so if your membership is current, it is possible that events have been entered on your behalf. But SIBA does not promise to keep your calendars up to date on the site, and you don't earn B3! points for events you don't enter, so we strongly encourage you to post your own events. That way you can enter more appealing descriptive copy and earn more points for your store.

Can I send in reviews?

Yes! SIBA encourages booksellers to send in reviews. You can email them to, or just cc when you send them to Indie Next. Lady Banks places a high priority on bookseller recommended titles, and always links back to the recommending store if possible.

I have an author I think would be great for Lady Banks. How do I arrange an interview?

Booksellers are encouraged to interview authors themselves, or arrange for two local authors to interview each other, but you can also send the information about the author to with a request for an interview.

Can I link to the articles in Lady Banks in my own store newsletter?

Unless it is specifically stated otherwise, all interviews and original content is available for stores to use in their own promotional matierials and on their own websites

Can I use the pictures I see in Lady Banks in my own newsletter?

Yes, as long as you include the proper photo credit information as presented in the Lady Banks newsletter.

Using Lady Banks in your store:

  • Promote "Lady Banks Pick of the Week" at your store counter or in your staff picks sections. If you are a Circle of Sites Store, include a sign "as featured on our website" -- those banners click through to your shopping carts so customers can buy that week's book.
  • Reprint author interviews in your own store newsletters. Interviews, "Commonplace Book" entries, book lists and other editorial content are all free for SIBA bookstores to use on their own sites.
  • Refer your customers! If a new subscriber lists your store as a referrer, SIBA will award you B3! points.
  • Encourage local authors to subscribe to and submit to Lady Banks. (See "Editorial Content" below)

Editorial Content in Lady Banks

Lady Banks' Commonplace Book is a newsletter for people interested in Southern literature, sponsored by booksellers who are members of the Southern Independent Booksellers Alliance (SIBA) and featuring an overview of literary news and events as found on Authors 'Round the South. As such, the content that appears in each issue is aggregated from other news sources and from bookstore websites and social media postings. SIBA does not pay for editorial content in Lady Banks' Commonplace Book. We gather and publish literary news and information of interest to readers of her ladyship, the editor. However, we do accept-- and indeed, encourage -- submissions of content from authors and publishers, on the understanding that publication is not guaranteed and submissions may be edited for length or style. There are several regular sections in the newsletter that authors and publishers are encouraged to submit to:

  • Author 2 Author: author essays and interviews.
    Authors may interview each other, or submit interviews they have given. Publication length for the newsletter is a maximum of 500 words, but interviews are also published on the Authors Round the South website, so lengthy submissions are simply excerpted for the Lady Banks Newsletter. See the A2A archive.
  • Parapalooza/The Book Trailer Park: videos and book trailers.
    Parapalooza is an initiative to encourage people to share their favorite paragraphs from books by reading them aloud, "with feeling," in front of a video camera. Book trailers can be either professionally produced or a simple short (under four minutes) segment of the author talking about their book. See the Parapalooza Archive or visit Lady Banks Trailer Park on Pinterest.
  • Reviews and Excerpts:
    Lady Banks does not review books per se, but we publish the reviews and recommendations of SIBA booksellers. And the main voice of the newsletter, her ladyship, the editor, will often discuss what she is reading, or excerpt passages she enjoys. Review copies can be sent to the newsletter for consideration, and her ladyship will either consider them for the newsletter or make them available to SIBA booksellers for possible review.

Because the primary purpose of Lady Banks is to encourage readers to shop at independent bookstores, content that promotes online or chain competitors to independent booktores cannot be accepted for publication.

Send review copies to:

Lady Banks Commonplace Book
c/o Nicki Leone
718 Hughes Rd.
Hampstead, NC 28443