News you can use from the Land of SIBA: November 29, 2018
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11/10-2/1/2019: Voting open on Southern Book Prize Ballot (email for link)
12/1: Deadline for Winter Okra Picks nominations (here)
12/1: Take Your Child to a Bookstore Day (here)

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SIBA has already received nearly 1000 submissions for the 2019 Southern Book Prize ballot. If your store hasn't yet promoted the ballot to your customers, here are a couple reasons to do so:

  1. Stores earn 3 B3! points, or .30 in SIBA Credit, for each eligible ballot submitted on their behalf. Some more active stores have already earned $20 -$30 in SIBA credit this month!

  2. Publishers and authors have got behind the ballot and are encouraging their fans and followers to visit SIBA bookstores and store websites to vote. If your store isn't on the list below, you may be missing out on website traffic from your favorite authors! Email if you aren't on the list and should be

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Tis' the season to report your sales.  Are you sure your store sales are getting the attention they should?  Check in that sales are getting reported every week. And if you don't report sales, here's how to do it:

Reporting to the Indie Bestseller List and SIBA Indie Bestseller List

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It’s increasingly important for independent booksellers to make their voices heard on a national level. Please, demonstrate the importance of the indie sales channel by reporting your sales to this important national outlet for book news.

To report your sales to The New York Times, please fill out this online request form. For more detailed information, visit the Best Sellers List reporting site.

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from Linda-Marie Barrett

It was a big weekend for booksellers across the country. In SIBA territory, the reports coming in are exuberant! I volunteered on Saturday at Avid Bookshop’s Five Points location in Athens, GA, where customers were greeted personally and guided to books they wanted and some they didn’t know they wanted! Avid’s sideline selection is stunning--by turns hilarious and honoring of all things literary and unique. I purchased a lovely hand-felted angel ornament for a friend, and a birthday card from Red Caps Press. I intend to pick up a set of “Journals for the Middle Child” on a future visit. A gift to myself :)

Kimberly Daniels Taws, The Country Bookshop, Southern Pines, NC:

“Small Business Saturday was a big day for us. We gave everyone 10% off (something new for us) and we were up 42% over last year! This is really interesting and I think driven by our "spend $50 and get a gift" because we only had 8 more transactions than last year but sold 121 more units. The incentive of a gift at that price point, just higher than a hard cover and a paperback caused people to really increase their units per purchase. We saw a GREAT many out-of-towners, and locals who are discovering the bookshop for the first time, or making an annual pilgrimage.

Jamie Rogers Southern, Bookmarks, Winston-Salem, NC:

“We had a great weekend! Because of our nonprofit status, we cannot flat out do "shop small" promotions so ours is more of a quiet attack. We had board members in to provide free gift wrapping throughout the weekend and our board president offered to match all purchases as a donation to our Book Build initiative during her shift. She ended up donating $1,400! We were up 33% on the weekend and top selling items were: Becoming, We Should All Be Feminists, Erotic Stories for Punjabi Widows, Wimpy Kid Meltdown, and Shade. Some of these titles were because we have our staff picks of 2018 reading up and people heavily shop off of them at the holidays

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Take Your Child to a Bookstore Day2018 marks the 9th annual Take Your Child to a Bookstore Day (, an initiative created to "instill a love of bookstores in children so that they will value and support this most precious of resources as they go on to enter and create communities of their own," will be held Saturday, December 1.

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Name: Angel Schroeder

Store and location: 
Sunrise Books, High Point NC Sunrise Books

Social Media Stats:
Instagram about 450 followers; FB likes about 700; Twitter is 230. Our email list/Frequent Buyer Club is about 500. 

website || facebook || twitter || instagram

Link to your store’s press kit:
Sadly, we do not have one. I have some graphic arts background, so it’s all in my head and on my laptop. I realize this is a poor excuse!

Events and buyer contact info:
all me:

Number of years as a bookseller: 3

Best part about being a bookseller?:
Reading new books and talking about books with other book lovers.

What book(s) are you reading?:
TreeborneI just finished The Dream Peddler by Martine Fournier Watson (4/2019 release) and am re-reading Treeborne for our upcoming book club and author visit with Caleb Johnson.  

Favorite handsell of 2018:
Southernmost by Silas House. I mean, who wouldn’t love that book? I plan to blanket the landscape with it when it comes out in paperback. 

Best thing you did this year at your store:
Move to a larger location with better visibility and parking. We now have a back room for events, so we don’t have to rearrange the whole store for every author visit. 

What are some ways you work with your community?
We regularly donate books to a local literacy organization, High Point LEAP, which helps kids stay in school. I also discount books that are being donated to other organizations. We have donated countless books, gift cards, and gifts for various fundraising events, and we are always open to hosting nonprofit groups. We say yes anytime we can to our local public library. We also volunteer and donate to Greensboro Bound, Guilford County’s literary festival, which was founded in 2018. 

Do you have any community partners you work with regularly?
High Point LEAP, Southwest Renewal Foundation, St. Mary’s Episcopal Church, High Point Public Library, Cover the City, Backpack Beginnings 

Do you have passions that carry over into your bookselling life?
Of course! We have far more birding titles and field guides than is strictly necessary. I am also a bit of a church nerd, so I carry a lot of religion, theology, and philosophy for a store our size. As the wife of an urban planner, I’ve always been intensely interested in the direction of our city, even before I became a business owner. The store recently bought season tickets for our new baseball team’s inaugural season. 

Top priority for 2018:
Expand our customer base to include more of High Point, not just our immediate neighbors. 

Favorite SIBA programming benefit:
Fall conference. I hated to miss it this year, but it was in the middle of our move. I always discover great books and meet authors that I want to have in the store.

Sunrise Books bookstack Sunrise Books staff Sunrise Books storefront



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Submitted this week on Edelweiss+ using the "send to SIBA" option. Thanks to Avid Bookshop, Bookmarks, Fiction Addiction, Flyleaf Books, Fountain Bookstore, Inkwood Books, Malaprop's, Quail Ridge Books, Sunrise Books, The Country Bookshop, and Underground Books

9780062875655 No Exit 1/15/2019
"Thanks to Taylor Adams, I will think twice before turning in to a rest stop ever again."

9781616206772 The Current 1/22/2019
"I inhaled this book like a warm cup of soup on a cold day."

9780062358202 The Last Romantics 2/5/2019
"I'm here to say it, even if you don't like the term: this is a Great American Novel. "

9780812998955 American Spy 2/12/2019
"a great recommendation for people who enjoy books about espionage but are intimidated by typical thrillers"

9781683319443 The Psychology of Time Travel 2/12/2019
"What an incredible, intricate puzzle of a novel!"

9780062662811 The Poet X 3/19/2019
"Acevedo weaves a world where you are the confidant, and you want nothing more than for her to keep talking."

9780310766438 We Were Beautiful 4/2/2019
" a lovely story about how we all have things we're struggling with and perhaps if we learn to open up and rely on others a bit more, things can be a lot more bearable."

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