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For Attendees:

Is the trade show open to the public?
No. This is an industry show, and not open to the public. You must be a member of the Southern Independent Booksellers Alliance to attend. (back to top)

I'm an author. Can I still come to the show even if I'm not exhibiting?
If you are a member of SIBA, you can come to the show, but only authors of exhibiting publishers are featured and please do not solicit at the show. (back to top)

I'm a bookseller. Can I bring my staff with me to the show?
All show attendees receive three free badges. (back to top)

Why do you discriminate against online bookstores by making them pay more?
It is not our intention to discriminate but to delineate. Brick and mortar stores have to put up an initial investment to get a physical bookstore off the ground and into the hearts of their communities. It takes both time and money. The great thing about the Internet is it does not require the ongoing overhead and initial investment that a brick and mortar business does require and in most cases, it has become an absolute necessity that these brick and mortar bookstores also have an online concern. The difference in dues payment is only $350, when we ask that a brick and mortar bookstore member buy or lease a building, buy books & other products, outfit the store with point of purchase areas and shelving, buy insurance, hire staff, and many, many other very expensive things which we do not ask of online bookstores. What we do ask of online bookstores is a demonstration of commitment via a mere $500 in dues payment. (back to top)

As a bookseller, what can I bring onto the show floor?
Purses, book bags, back packs and shoulder totes are allowed. Wheeled carts, rolling luggage and any containers that are not carried are not allowed, except for medical reasons. Permits can be applied for at the registration booth on site. (back to top)

My plans have changed. Can a get a refund for my registration?
The cut off date for refunds is August 31. (back to top)

For Exhibitors:

Do I have to be a member of the Southern Independent Booksellers Alliance to exhibit at the show?
No, you don't. Exhibit space is open to anyone, but table rental prices are higher for nonmembers than for members. (back to top)

Can I sell my books at this show?
As an industry trade show, #SIBA19 is attended by booksellers and book buyers, not the general public. Booksellers will place orders for their stores and open new accounts with new vendors. But as a rule they will not purchase stock to take back with them. (back to top)

I'm a publisher. How do I get my author into the program at the show?
Answer: The Southern Independent Booksellers Alliance invites exhibiting publishers to submit authors in consideration for special events to be held Thursday through Saturday, September 13-15, 2017. These programs will be held at the SIBA Discovery Show in Tampa, Florida. It is imperative that you have registered to exhibit at the SIBA Discovery Show before authors can be considered. The newest titles are considered first for author appearances. The majority of the slots are filled by authors of books that pub in the Fall of 2018 and the Winter of 2019. SIBA tries to balance speakers by having authors of contemporary fiction, nonfiction, biographic and childrens content as well as celebrity authors. Suggested authors will also be considered as speakers for panels and readings and other events. An administrative fee of $299 will be charged for each confirmed author at the SIBA Discovery Show. Sponsoring entities will not be charged the administrative fee. Please submit your suggestions via email or fax(309-410-0211) or mail to: SIBA, 51 Pleasant Ridge Dr., Asheville, NC, 28805. If you have any questions call or email Wanda Jewell at the SIBA office at 803-994-9530, (back to top)

I've registered to exhibit. How many people can I bring to staff my table?
Exhibitors are allowed 6 free badges per table. If you need extra badges, you must contact the SIBA office. (back to top)

What do I get with my table rental?
SIBA hosts a line-of-site all-table-top show. Every table rental includes 36 sq ft of exhibit space with a 6 x 2.5 ft. table that is draped with a sign, and two chairs, with carpet. Wallspaces are tables along the perimeter of the exhibit floor that allow for things to be hung and for larger items to be displayed. Table rental also includes badges, registration, free wi-fi and a 50 word directory listing that is printed both in the directory and online. Exhibitors can also participate in the exhibit hall scavenger hunt free of charge. (back to top)

What are set up, tear down, and exhibit hours?
Set Up: September 13th from 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Exhibits Open:
September 14, from 9:00 am -1:00 pm, 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm
September 15, from 9:00 am - 12:00 noon

Tear Down: September 15, from 12:00 noon - 5:00 pm. (back to top)

How do I volunteer for The Discovery Show?
We have lots of opportunities for people to volunteer but we pull from members first. Your greatest chance if getting a volunteer slot is to join SIBA at the appropriate member level, and get involved with SIBA and build a history of coming through on requests. It also helps if you have a specific skill you can offer such as photography, videography, social networking, etc. (back to top)

Discovery Show Documents

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Forms and resources for the SIBA Fall Discovery Show
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2020 Discovery Show Attendee Registration  Link  more ] Administration 2/10/2020
2020 Discovery Show Exhibitor Package Link  more ] Administration 2/9/2020
2019 Exhibitor Kit and Drayage Information Link  more ] Administration 2/9/2020
Maximize your exposure at SIBA PDF (109.52 KB)  more ] Administration 6/5/2015