A letter from the SIBA Board

Kimberly Daniels TawsDear fellow SIBA member,

As she mentioned in her letter to all of us, Wanda will be retiring a little less than a year from now. I hope that you join me in thanking Wanda for sharing her exceptional energy and innovative mind with us for three decades.

One thing is for certain… Wanda Jewell has been a central character in Southern booksellers’ lives for a long time. In particular; I want to thank Wanda for ushering Southern booksellers into the digital age by working tirelessly to give us the skills and capabilities to thrive. I want to thank her for her innovation and policy governance support and her passionate work to increase the awareness of Southern Independent bookstores importance within our industry and communities. Many of our author friends thank her for giving them a platform.

Wanda has been extremely generous with the time frame of her departure. She will continue to serve as ED until June 2020. We have ample time for a thorough search and graceful transition process. To facilitate this, the board has hired The Nexus Institute principal  Nanette Blandin to help begin our search. Nanette is highly recommended by those who have worked with her at the American Booksellers Association in the past. In 2014; she led the search for the ABA’s Chief Financial Officer position and, in 2018, she was the outside consultant to ABA's Governance Review Committee which was tasked with evaluating the effectiveness of ABA's governance and making recommendations for improvement.

Nanette will be at the Discovery Show in Spartanburg to interview our membership and stakeholders and will help us to look at the priorities, characteristics and vision for this position and SIBA in the years to come. The board will formally introduce her at the SIBA annual meeting but please consider signing up here for a one-on-one private and confidential session with Nanette to give us some feedback.

A Search Committee will be named within the month and the group will start meeting this fall to begin the search process.

Transition periods can be exciting opportunities; and I am excited for both SIBA's future and Wanda’s new chapter as a grandmother-plus!

Thank you again Wanda for all of the fun we have had together and I encourage booksellers to please contact me, any of our board members or Nanette if you have questions. 

Kimberly Daniels Taws
SIBA President

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