Industry Guide to the Southern Book Prize
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The Southern Book Prize (SBP) recognizes great books of Southern origin. Eligible books must be set in the South or by a Southern author and published within the previous calendar year.

SIBA booksellers nominate Southern Book Prize finalists, and winners are chosen by the popular vote of SIBA booksellers and their customers. The Southern Book Prize a true "readers' choice" award and one of the most well-known awards for Southern literature.

Books eligible for nomination must be:

  • Set in the South and/or the author must be Southern (preferably both!).
  • Published within the previous calendar year.
  • Available at industry standard distribution terms.
  • Listed on

SIBA booksellers nominate Southern Book Prize titles through Edelweiss+ reviews and our online nomination form. A list of finalists is compiled from eligible books that receive the most nominations. Finalists are announced on November 1. Bookstores and their customers vote on the finalists between November 10 (#LoveYourBookstore Challenge week) and February 1. The winners are announced on Valentine's Day, February 14.

Marketing Support from SIBA

Each stage of the Southern Book Prize process receives extensive coverage in SIBA's reader-targeted newsletter, Lady Banks' Commonplace Book. Southern Book Prize finalists and winners are highlighted on the Southern Indie Bestseller list when they appear, and in the ARTS calendar of bookseller events. Store are encouraged to do in-store displays and to engage their customers in the voting process using the hashtag #VoiceYourChoice

SIBA Bookstores receive downloadable materials for in-store display.

The Southern Book Prize Calendar:

  • October 15: Nominations close
  • November 1: Finalists selected
  • November 8 - February 1: Booksellers and readers vote on finalists
  • February 14: Winners announced!