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We you will join our community of dedicated booksellers, writers, publishers, wholesalers, and other industry friends. We are committed to strengthening the industry by strengthening Southern indie booksellers.


SIBA has four levels of membership: Bookseller, Author, Industry, and Associate. Membership is annual, and a current membership is required to attend the SIBA Discovery Show in the fall. Membership is open to anyone with a professional interest in the book industry, including retail bookstores, as well as to book publishers, distributors, reps, vendors, prospective booksellers, and national chain booksellers.

Benefits of membership include the ability to attend SIBA-hosted events, access to resources and materials, member-pricing on promotional opportunities, and access to networking opportunities in the SIBA community.

Membership Types:

Bookseller: ($150) The "core members" SIBA exists to serve, owners of independent, privately-held, brick & mortar bookstores in AL, AR, FL, GA, KY, LA, MS, NC, SC, TN, VA. Bookstores with multiple locations must register each location separately. Bookseller members may also create accounts for their employees at no extra cost. Bookstores with eligible ecommerce systems may qualify for free membership under SIBA's Circle of Sites program.

Author: ($195) Authors with books in print. Individual authors may qualify for free membership by participating in SIBA's "Love an Indie" membership offer.

Industry: ($195) Publishers, Distributors, Sales Reps, Commission Reps, Wholesalers, Media, and anyone else involved in the industry. Industry members may also create accounts for their employees at no extra cost by choosing the "Organization" membership option.

Associate: ($500) Anyone who is not a core bookstore member of SIBA, or not an industry member can join SIBA under this category. This includes authors without a book in print, Teachers, Librarians, Bookstores outside the southeast, prospective booksellers, online-only booksellers and others not otherwise involved in the book industry. Associate members may also create accounts for their employees by choosing the "Organization" membership option.

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