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SIBA's core members are booksellers like you who connect, inspire, and grow their businesses through the opportunities and benefits SIBA offers. SIBA provides a forum to discuss common problems and share ideas, offers educational programs and workshops, and strives to promote a high standard of ethics and business practices among the membership. SIBA exists to help you become a more profitable business, and sell more books.

"The SIBA network is invaluable. I've found every member I approach open and willing to help with any inquiry I have."
~ Hilary Barrineau, Hooray for Books!, Alexandria, VA

"The most valuable thing about SIBA is the facilitation of discussion between colleagues - I can't tell you how many times I've been part of a discussion that originated with relationships formed through SIBA and drew a straight line back to a new idea or approach for my store."
~ John Cavalier, Cavalier House Books, Denham Springs, LA

SIBA Marketing Programs for southern indies

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SIBA partners with NAIBA for an exciting virtual event...

discovery show 2020

Connect readers with writers in a virtual space...

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RAMP up your holiday sales...

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A seasonal crop of the freshest Southern titles...

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Spotlight on the best of the South...

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Attention Southern readers...

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Free SIBA membership...

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SIBA Virtual Office Hours

SIBA staff are available during the week for booksellers via Zoom. Registration required. Office hours by appointment only during November and December.

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B3! Building Better Booksellers

B3! points can be used for a host of benefits and perks to benefit you and your business. In addition, B3! offers SIBA members ongoing education and engagement through its dynamic webinars and book club.

SIBA participation earns B3! points that can be used towards membership dues, event tickets at the SIBA Discovery Show, and other SIBA events plus travel and hotel. It can even be used towards advertising events on Facebook. Every 500 points equals $50 in SIBA credit. The goal of B3! is to engage core members, raise their visibility in the industry, and increase the value of programs targeted towards Southern bookstores and their customers.

"SIBA wants to be on your mind year-round. Raise your profile with us. We'll raise your profile with Southern readers, and in the industry. And in turn, y'all will raise SIBA's profile in the industry. And the industry will be better for us all. Let's get engaged in a way that tells the Southern story like only we can tell it."
~ Wanda Jewell, Executive Director, SIBA

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B3! Building Better Booksellers is made possible by the generous sponsorship by The Reba and Dave Williams Foundation for Literature and the Arts, which awarded SIBA a $40,000 grant at the beginning of 2015 in honor of SIBA's 40th anniversary.

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The SIBA Peer Brain Trust

A collection of road-tested resources for booksellers by booksellers.

"SIBA's Peer Brain Trust is an amazing resource that has helped me work through a problem on more than one occasion. It's one of my first stops when I'm starting a new project or adopting a new strategy. There's no need to reinvent the wheel when you can use SIBA and your fellow booksellers as a road map for success!"
~John Cavalier, Cavalier House Books, Denham Springs, LA

The SIBA Peer Review

Friendly fellow booksellers visit your store, look at areas causing you concern, and offer constructive and confidential feedback.

"SIBA's Peer Review program is one of the best things in which we've participated since opening Midtown Reader in Tallahassee. Veteran booksellers spent several days with our team evaluating everything from inventory, ordering, finances and budget, displays, and events based on the unique demands of our store. Their feedback provided a road map to improve sales and efficiency. Thanks to SIBA we are exceeding our goals in every category. And we've made great friends to whom we regularly return for advice!"
~Sally Bradshaw, Midtown Reader, Tallahassee, FL