News you can use from the Land of SIBA: September 20, 2018
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SIBA announces Rick Bragg as the 2019 Conroy Legacy Award Recipient!

Rick BraggRick Bragg, the Pulitzer Prize-winning writer, journalist, and author of two bestselling memoirs and numerous other books, has been selected as the 2019 Conroy Legacy Award Recipient. Created in honor of the example set by the beloved Southern author Pat Conroy, the Conroy Legacy Award recognizes writers who have achieved a lasting impact on their literary community, demonstrated support for independent bookstores, both in their own communities and in general, written work that focuses significantly on their home place, and supported other writers, especially new and emerging writers. Serendipitously, Rick Bragg is a contributor to Our Prince of Scribes: Writers Remember Pat Conroy edited by by Nicole Seitz and Jonathan Haupt, published by University of Georgia Press and releasing this September. 

When informed of the award, Rick Bragg shared, "I heard Pat Conroy read his work aloud and it will almost make you abandon this craft for good and take up something like brick laying. The elegance and beauty of it always, across decades, made me think ‘Oh, so this is what it is supposed to sound like, be, linger in the mind.’ The fact he once said good things about my own work made me walk on air. I mean it, my step was lighter somehow. To be presented his award by people who have been with me since the beginning of my writing life, in his name, is as fine a thing as I can ever expect.”

Suzanne Lucey of Page 158 Books in Wake Forest, NC praised this year’s award winner, "Rick Bragg is the whole package. Intelligent, to the point, hilarious and beyond generous with his time and storytelling. A true man's man and momma's boy who makes us cry with laughter. He embraces his Southern Roots and contributes to the overall reason we all love the South.”

SIBA will make a donation to the Pat Conroy Literary Center and to the Margaret Bragg Scholarship for first generation college students at Jacksonville State University in Jacksonville, Alabama in the name of Rick Bragg.

Inkreadible Sponsor Baker & Taylor Offers Special on all Rick Bragg titles through October 15.

The special discount ends October 15, 2018. All orders placed between now and then will receive the discount. No promo code is required, no minimum quantity is required, and there's no limit on the number of orders during the sale.

Here is a link to the PDF listing Rick Bragg's works.



SIBA raised over $3000 for the Book Industry Charitable Foundation at the SIBA Discovery Show last week. Binc is a charitable foundation that provides assistance to bookstore employees who have a demonstrated financial need arising from severe hardship and/or emergency circumstances. The generosity of show attendees was especially in evidence as Hurricane Florence made landfall on the North Carolina coast, threatening friends and colleagues.

"SIBA and her team raised a total of $3,039," said Kathy Bartson of Binc, "thus helping at least one bookseller and family but most likely two booksellers!"

Alesia BollumThe "Heads or Tails" Binc fundraiser has become an established event at the show. A game in which participants buy flashing pins for a chance to win a $500 cash prize, the fundraiser culminates in a fun event on the show floor where everyone who has bought a pin stands, pins blinking, and when the coin is flipped, each person publicly indicates their guess by placing their hands on their "head” (head) or "tail” (backside). Each flip eliminates those who guessed wrong, and they turn off their pin; More pins mean more chances to play and the last person standing wins.

SIBA and Binc sold the pins for $20 each, or 2 for $35. Publishers stepped in to play on behalf of their authors and show presenters who couldn't stay for the event but wanted to support Binc and the many booksellers threatened by the storm.

The winner of the #SIBA18 Heads or Tails contest was Alesia Bollum from The Muse Bookshop in Deland Florida.

Shelf Awareness has a good recap of SIBA member stores that have been affected by Hurricane Florence.

Donations to Binc can be made here

If you are a bookseller in need, you can request assistance here:

Booksellers can also email to or call 866-733-9064.

In the words of Binc Executive Director Pam French "We are ready to assist."

*A personal note from Nicki: I sometimes think people don't take the phrase "we are ready to assist" seriously or literally, but I am here to tell you that when Binc says it, they absolutely mean it. It was no secret at this year's SIBA show that I was feeling worried and a little frantic. Hurricane Florence made landfall...well, right in my front yard, frankly. I live just north of Wilmington, NC, on the coast. Needless to say, I was distracted the entire week, unable to get any news about friends or loved ones, not to mention my friend who housesits for me and takes care of my dogs and cats. (Everyone is fine, by the way, as is my house). The day the hurricane hit, the Binc people emailed me, asking if I needed help and letting SIBA know they were ready to help any bookseller in harm's way. Pam and Kathy were both at the show and checked in with me periodically. And as I made my way home (as of this writing I am still en route, all the roads to Wilmington are closed), Binc called me on the phone just to check in and make sure I knew help was available. In fact, one of the most rewarding things I have done post-show was to help Binc compile a list of our member stores that may have been affected and have staff in need. They are that committed to their mission.

Binc is good people, folks. Give if you can. And please, please, ask for help if you need it.



The Rep Pix 

It was a fast and furious "Rep Picks" session at #SIBA18, where about 20 reps ran lightning-fast through their favorite books of the upcoming season. Since each Rep got 2 minutes to talk and not a second more (ask them), the all did some pretty fast talking. Booksellers heard about 90+ books in 60 minutes. No one stopped to breathe.

Here's the collection on Edelweiss from Slime to Super Potato to The Southern Lady Code and back again:




Submitted this week on Edelweiss+ using the "send to SIBA" option. Thanks to Avid Bookshop, Book No Further, Bookmiser, Fiction Addiction, Flyleaf Books, Intinerant Literate, Malaprop's Bookstore/Cafe, McIntyre's Fine Books, Octavia Books, Page and Palette, Parnassus Books, Square Books, The Country Bookshop, and Writers Block Bookstore.

9781524765859 Little Taco Truck 4/2/2019
"Who doesn't love food trucks, and especially a taco truck."

9781250297150 Cape May 4/30/2019 
"This novel is juicy, sharp, and soaked in gin."

9781101919095 Sir Simon: Super Scarer 9/4/2018
"Hilarious, sweet, and wholly original. I ended up getting a copy for myself (and I don't even have kids)."

9780062684875 Blackfish City 10/2/2018
"A cast of engaging and diverse point of view characters, an intriguing plot, incredible worldbuilding, and beautiful prose. Plus, AN ORCAMANCER AND A POLAR BEAR."

9781628729832 The Accident on the A35 10/30/2018
"The type of quietly satisfying novel that I find myself gladly responding to these days."

9781643130583 A Friend is a Gift You Give Yourself 3/5/2019
"Yowza, did I just maybe read a future crime fiction classic?"

9781250191793 Boomer1 9/18/2018
"Chronicles the frustration of a generation looking for work, meaning, and purpose in a crowded world. Obsessive, darkly hilarious, and thought-provoking."

More bookseller reviews

If your store does not have an Edelweiss+ account and need help setting one up, contact Linda-Marie

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