News you can use from the Land of SIBA: November 15, 2018
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11/10-2/1/2019: Voting open on Southern Book Prize Ballot (email for link)
12/1: Deadline for Winter Okra Picks nominations (here)

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I hope you are excited about the ongoing Southern Book Prize promotion with your customers.Publishers want to share the love and promote your website to their social media accounts but we need you to get the badge and link up so your customer and new customers can VOTE!

Follow these three steps:

1. Place this image on your website:

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2. Link the image to the ballot:

3. Let us know it’s up and running asap by emailing and we will send publishers a link to your website for their social network purposes! Let’s do this.

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I’m readying my gift-wrapping and handselling skills for a volunteer shift at Avid Bookshop in Athens, GA on Small Business Saturday/Indies First. This special day is just one of a five-day celebration called The Avid Bookshop Bash (TABB). John Farina, the events coordinator for Avid Bookshop, revealed what’s in store for readers and gift-buyers in their community. 

TABB is a series of events taking place 11/23-11/27 to celebrate another year of open doors and loyal customers.

  •  11/23- Book Friday (Black Friday in a really comfy sweater)
  • 11/24- Small Business Saturday
  • 11/25- Celebration Sunday
  • 11/26- Cider Monday
  • 11/27-Giving Tuesday

Though the other days are celebrated by indie bookstores nationally, Celebration Sunday is specific to Avid, celebrating the anniversaries of their newest location and the original Avid Bookshop.

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Q - I would like to know the number of stores that constitute a chain.

A - SIBA does not identify store by chain, but by standing.  Our definition for a core member bookstore is: Independent, privately held, brick & mortar, commercially zoned bookstores with a retail storefront and physical headquarters, in our region will constitute the core members.  Our main differentiation between and "indie" and a "corporate" store is whether or not they are a public or private company, as in sold on the stock market or not.  As long as a store/stores are privately held, they qualify for SIBA core membership.


SIBA booksellers recently spent time via a B!3 webinar with Priya Parker, author of The Art of Gathering: How We Meet and Why It Matters. Ms. Parker is a master facilitator and the founder of Thrive Labs, at which she helps activists, elected officials, corporate executives, educators, and philanthropists create transformative gatherings. Describing her craft as group dynamics, Ms. Parker offered many creative ways to change-up bookstore events to put the emphasis back on meaningful purpose, rather than on familiar formats and logistics. 

  • Develop a set of ethos and values, and come up with five things (formats, setting, promotions, etc.) that created successful events in the past. 
  • Create fun variations on the traditional author reading. "Every gathering is a temporary alternative world. You have the opportunity to create a world for participants." 
  • Think very deeply about the language, image, and content of the invitation or promotional materials. 

“When you create organic meaningful gatherings . . . you get fuel back from feedback. It creates its own virtuous cycle.” 

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Submitted this week on Edelweiss+ using the "send to SIBA" option. Thanks to Avid Bookshop, Bookmarks, Fiction Addiction, Flyleaf Books, Fountain Bookstore, Inkwood Books, Malaprop's, Quail Ridge Books, Sunrise Books, The Country Bookshop, and Underground Books

9780385543897 Southern Lady Code 4/16/2019
"It's sharper than a shattered Christmas ornament.You might cut yourself, but you'll laugh about it."

9781524766689 Button and Bundle 2/19/2019
"The perfect book to share with friends who might be separated due to a move, going to a different school, or even summer vacation"

9780525535539 The Good Detective 3/19/2019
"One of the best stories with a southern setting that I have read since I read the last Greg Isles"

9781616206215 Sugar Run 1/8/2019
"An Orange is the New Black meets modern-day Faulkner and David Joy."

9781501146060 Hark 1/15/2019
"Sam Lipsyte's satirical take on modern society, the human condition and how to "deal with it all" is miserably hilarious and charming, emotional and beautiful."

9780670012107 SHOUT 3/12/2019
"If you want to be told like it is...let her tell it."

9780811219099 Birthday 2/26/2019
"Since entering adulthood, no author has challenged my idea of what literature can be (or maybe should be) like Cesar Aira."

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