News you can use from the Land of SIBA: April 4, 2019
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4/6: Binc Survey Deadline (here)
4/10: Publisher Picks: "Summer Reading for Kids" (rsvp)
4/27: Independent Bookstore Day

4/30: Deadline to nominate SIBA Board members (here)
4/30: Deadline to nominate Conroy Legacy Award recipient (here)
5/8: How to develop a successful podcast (rsvp)

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Binc's Share the Good Fundraising Campaign launched April 2, and we're looking for 50 booklovers from across the country to join our community of sustaining donors. Will you help us reach our goal?

SIBA has been challenged to beat all the other regional associations by enlisting the highest number of sustaining donors during this April campaign. If we win, Binc will host an ice cream party at the Discovery Show. While that is fun, it is more rewarding to know that any amount of money you donate each month adds up to life-saving help to a bookseller.

The drive is live. Visit this link and send your support to booksellers.

Thank you!


"SIBA in the Springtime was my first Southern indie booksellers experience, and it couldn't have been better! There's nothing like face to face interactions with booksellers and authors I have long admired to make me want to keep writing. Thank you, Wanda and team, for hosting such an inspirational event!" -Jolina Petersheim, bestselling author of How the Light Gets In

“The SIBA Eureka panels are an innovative and useful way to bring booksellers together in the same room to exchange best practices and hear new ideas. We’re always looking for ways to create meaningful connections with independent booksellers, and the SIBA in the Springtime meeting was definitely that.”-Michael Reynolds I Editor in Chief, Europa Editions 

“I enjoyed the camaraderie, meeting the book store owners (and learning about their challenges) and meeting other authors. It was a whirlwind trip for me and I went home smiling.”-Deb Spera, author of Call Your Daughter Home

“Loved EUREKAsiba. Dynamic indie booksellers, illuminating authors, innovative leaders of the book-world all coming together around ideas, music, meals, book-crafts, and -- of course -- books.  Smart people thinking hard about how to connect books with readers and how to spread the love for indie bookstores near and far.  What could be better?”-Elizabeth F. Emens, author of Life Admin: How I Learned to Do Less, Do Better, and Live More

“SIBA in the Springtime is valuable for writers, too! I loved having the chance to talk about NEVER HAVE I EVER, catch up with old friends, and make some new ones. I know from experience what motivated, passionate handsellers can do for a novel’s trajectory---and it was so encouraging to meet so many folks who had opened new indies or who are about to!”-Joshilyn Jackson, NYT and USA Today bestselling author of Never Have I Ever

“Talk about creating spaces for connection! From the bus tour to the presentations to the author dinners and reception, EUREKAsiba was an amazing opportunity to hear new ideas, learn about great books, and make new friends. I can't wait to do it again.”-Erica C. Witsell, author of Give

“We love EUREKAsiba! This is an event that packs a big punch while only requiring a short time away from the bookstore--a day packed full of insightful and diverse presentations that run the gamut from hands-on to philosophical, inspiring to informative, from booksellers, authors, and publishers from around the South and beyond! SIBA in the Springtime leaves us feeling refreshed, supported, and reconnected, ready to return to the bookstore armed with new information, new and renewed friendships, and fresh excitement for our work.”-Josh Niesse & Megan Bell, Owners of Underground Books

Everything was organized, and I felt very well attended to. Details like the gift of the writing journal were lovely. Everyone was incredibly friendly, and I appreciated the attention to timing, such as keeping talk times on track and announcing the amount of down time between talks. I loved how SIBA in the Springtime operated on both a large and small scale. That is, the TED-style talks onstage were stimulating, and offstage, the intimate environment led to warm and engrossing conversations that often carried over until the next day. -Andrea Bobotis, author of The Last List of Miss Judith Kratt

We've put together a list of all of the titles at the event and mentioned at the event and has graciously put together a playlist for us.  



I'll be honest. I listen to a lot of audiobooks. A lot. They are the only way I get through tedious tasks I don't want to be doing: dusting, cleaning bathrooms, sweeping, folding clothes. If I didn't have something to listen to, all of my clothes would never even make it out of the laundry basket. Marie Kondo would weep. In fact, I was listening to Marie Kondo and getting a kind of evil thrill as I balled up all my pairs of socks and crammed them into a drawer -- something she regards as cruel and unusual sock punishment. The point is, without audiobooks, I would be exactly like that aunt in Cold Sassy Tree who feels perfectly justified in sitting and reading a book while there are still dirty dishes in the sink. So thank god for audiobooks.

One of the most popular talks at last month's SIBA in the Springtime was Mark Pearson from, whose talk "How to Use Tech and Keep our Humanity" was an enthusiastic and playful look at the many possibilities that the often bewildering range of technical advances offer small business owners. Rather than feeling lost at sea, he encouraged booksellers to approach tech in a spirit of play and exploration, and to see opportunities, rather than obstacles. His own vision for ranged from the unabashedly ambitious (co-opt Alexa!) to the eminently practical (playlists, advance listening copies, special promotions)

Advance Listening Copies: A monthly list of complimentary audiobooks for booksellers, some new, some worth rediscovering. Among the offerings on the April list are Joshilyn Jackson's forthcoming novel "Never Have I Ever," Southern favorite River Jordan's memoir "Confessions of a Christian Mystic, and the current Okra Pick title "I Miss You When I Blink."


Playlists: allows participating stores to create "playlists" -- the audio version of your special displays and staff picks sections. Here's an example of a playlist we created of every available book that was mentioned at SIBA in the Springtime, from James Joyce's "Dubliners" to "Caps for Sale" (it was that kind of an event!): SIBA in the Springtime Playlist


Special Campaigns: has put together free audiobooks for stores to gift to their customers on Independent Bookstore Day, and has created a resource library of downloads to help stores promote them.


For more information and to get your store involved, contact Mark Pearson at


Store and location
: Story on the Square, 19 Griffin Street, McDonough, GA 30253, and The Rough Draft, our beer and wine cafe inside the store.

Social Media Stats: Facebook likes 4000, Instagram 1600

Our website:

Event planner: Sharon Spann,

Buyer: Deanna Bailey,

Number of years as a booksellerJust over one year.

Best part about being a bookseller: Talking to book lovers all day long! I love being in the store and sharing ideas with our customers.

What book(s) are you reading? Just finished Queenie by Candice Carty-Williams, and finished the ARC for The Starless Sea by Erin Morgenstern last night-so good!

Favorite handsell on your radar for 2019: The Starless Sea

Best thing you did this year at your store: Hired a mess of wonderful booksellers and bartenders- they are a motley crew of outstanding individuals who are passionate about their work.

What are some ways you work with your community? We host 8 book clubs, host book fairs, have story time each week, host non-profit events in our event space, and are building relationships with our schools to help them buy books through us.

Do you have any community partners you work with regularly? We are developing these partnerships as we have been in our permanent location only seven weeks. We will help relaunch Young Professional of Henry County this week at a book event, and are working with local writers groups to promote their writing. We sponsor Ferst Readers (who purchase books and provide them for free monthly to children born in our country from birth to age 5, 60 books in total).

Do you have passions that carry over into your bookselling life? I’m a physician in real life; this is my side hustle, so healthcare, public health issues, and particularly women’s heath are dear issues to me. I love STEM books and want to educate my community on how important it is to read to understand increasingly complex STEM subjects.

Top priority for 2019: Letting people know we are here and serving our community. Telling our story to the world, and then inviting them in to join us.

Favorite SIBA programming benefit: I love OKRA picks, and I love attending SIBA annual meetings (especially when it’s in New Orleans!)


Mothers & Strangers I Miss You When I BlinkThe GulfCaterpillar SummerThe Magnetic GirlSouthern Lady CodeLike LIonsPapa Put a Man on the MoonBook Woman of Troublesome CreekDon't Date Rosa Santosmokeloreof ColorIn West MillsThe TRavelersAccident of Color

more info | the Okra Picks online


Edelweiss+Submitted this week on Edelweiss+ using the "send to SIBA" option. Thanks to Bookmarks, Fiction Addiction, Flyleaf Books, Fountain Bookstore, Malaprop's Bookstore/Cafe, McIntyre's Books, Oxford Exchange, Page & Palette, Parnassus Books, Sunrise Books, The Bookshelf, The Country Book Shop, and Wordsworth Books.

9781101947883 Exhalation 5/7/2019
"Exhalation is a collection of engrossing, genre-defying, mind's eye-popping stories that linger deliciously long after reading." -- Stephanie, Malaprop's Bookstore/Cafe, Asheville, NC

9780393242140 Underland 6/4/2019
"A fascinating look at the varied life under the earth’s surface. And there is so much history to be discovered there!" -- Stephanie, Page & Palette, Fairhope, AL

9781594634734 City of Girls 6/4/2019
"Loved it! I finished feeling great gratitude for lifelong friendships and wanting to pass the book to all my best friends." -- Laura, Oxford Exchange, Tampa, FL

9780062834300 Searching for Sylvie Lee 6/4/2019
"Dark, complicated, and engrossing, this literary thriller will capture your emotions and keep you turning pages long after dark." -- Beth, Bookmarks, Winston-Salem, NC

9781984801067 The Black Jersey 6/25/2019
"A great summer read with a fast-paced mystery as twisty as a downhill descent. " -- Jean, Wordsworth Books, Little Rock, AR

9780593104279 The Shameless 7/9/2019
"The Shameless has it all, old characters coming back, dialogue that snaps, crackles, and pops, and a plot that twists and turns more than any alpine road...I pretty much read this in one sitting, finishing at 5am, and still got to work on time." -- Pete, McIntyre's Books, Pittsboro, NC

More bookseller reviews

If your store does not have an Edelweiss+ account and need help setting one up, contact Linda-Marie

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