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SIBA19Julie Murphy is a potty-mouthed Southern belle who was born in Bridgeport, Connecticut, but found her home in Fort Worth, Texas. She’s never seen Star Wars, but has yet to meet a made for TV movie she didn’t love. When she’s not writing, Julie can be found cruising Costco for free samples, watching Sister Act 2, stalking drag queens on Instagram, obsessing over the logistics of Mars One, and forever searching for the perfect slice of cheese pizza. She lives with her bearded husband, two vicious cats, and one Pomeranian that can pass as a bear cub. DUMPLIN’, her second young adult novel, was featured in #Trio16 and made into a delightful film on Netflix.  I could not be more excited to have Julie Murphy join us in Spartanburg, South Carolina with her first middle grade story: Dear Sweet Pea.

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Sweet PeaDumplin



Jill HendrixIn SIBA country, Jill Hendrix is a familiar and much-appreciated presence. Owner of Fiction Addiction in Greenville, SC; creator of the successful "Booked for Lunch" author reading series, past president of the Southern Independent Booksellers Alliance, and frequent presenter at SIBA in the Springtime, The SIBA Discovery Show, and EUREKAsiba, Jill has been generous in sharing her entrepreneurial experience with her fellow booksellers.

This past month, she has taken that generosity to the next level and launched a blog on a topic near and dear to her heart--"de-stressing" entrepreneurial success:

"My goal is to transition entrepreneurs -- whether you have employees or not -- from working "in" your business, to working "on" your business. I believe small business ownership can and should:

  • be a joyous activity, not a stressful one
  • give you the freedom to craft a work schedule around your personal life, rather than the other way around
  • be a stable platform you can build on to achieve financial security for yourself and your family.

To do this, you simply need to develop great systems for your business. And I'm a systems nerd! There's nothing I like more than creating, implementing, and tweaking systems."

The blog is dedicated to sharing ideas and tools that have worked for her in both making her business a success, and making her life easier. So it covers everything from financial planning to rock climbing to her search for the perfect time management system.

Her posts end with a brief "take action" section of things you can do right now, and often a "Further Reading" section of books, podcasts, and articles that she has found useful.



Cindy Dach's "Time Management 101 for Booksellers" is now available to view online (you must be a SIBA member to access):

Time Management 101 for Booksellers

Booksellers all across SIBA territory attended Cindy Dach’s “Time Management 101 for Booksellers B3! Webinar.” Cindy Dach is the co-owner of Changing Hands Bookstores and First Draft Bookbar in Tempe and  Phoenix, Arizona. In her presentation, she shared techniques for time management, planning, and organizing daily tasks, all with an eye toward completing big-picture projects. She voiced a frustration common to many retail managers and store owners--books on time management and organization don’t address well the needs of  frontline retail businesses, in which constant interruption, schedule juggling, and time-lining numerous programs from procedures manuals to bookfairs are common challenges. She did her own research and found tools that worked for her, her stores, and her employees. As she shared these tools with webinar attendees, she emphasized that everyone has to find what works for them, as no one tool works well for everyone or every store. In her stores she’s had to change tack from time to time when it became obvious that some personality types weren’t able to make good use of internal communication platforms or organizational tools. She’s also worked with employees to help them adjust to necessary changes and then witnessed their productivity and work/life balance increase dramatically. For those who missed out on Cindy’s presentation, or want to see it again and take more notes, here’s a link to view.


Edelweiss+Submitted this week on Edelweiss+ using the "send to SIBA" option. Thanks to Avid Bookshop, Bookmarks, Copperfish Books, Fiction Addiction, Flyleaf Books, Fountain Bookstore, Malaprop's Bookstore/Cafe, McIntyre's Books, Page & Palette, Page 158 Books, Square Books, Story on the Square, The Bookshelf, The Country Book Shop, and Vero Beach Book Center.

9781250198679 The Night Before 5/14/2019
"Look up page-turner in the dictionary and you will find The Night Before. Every theory I had was proved wrong." -- Amanda Gawthorpe, Page 158 Books, Wake Forest, NC

9781501197307 Riots I Have Known 5/21/2019
"A bizarre love letter to literature set in a New York penitentiary. Chapman is an author to watch." -- James Harrod, Malaprop's Bookstore/Cafe, Asheville, NC

9781945448348 Give, a Novel 6/1/2019
"A lovely coming of age story that shows an honest portrait of a family that loves each other but may not always know the best ways to show it." -- Andrea Richardson, Fountain Bookstore, Richmond, VA

9781250117762 Grace Will Lead Us Home 6/4/2019
"Hawes writes a well-researched and sobering account of the Charleston Church Massacre. At times intense, other times reflective, this is an account you don't want to miss if you want to know more about this tragic shooting." -- Linda Hodges, Fiction Addiction, Greenville, SC

9781524747985 The Body in Question 6/11/2019
"I picked this up at work, read one chapter and took it home to finish that night. Then brought it back to work and made my boss read it." -- Olivia Schaffer, The Bookshelf, Thomasville, GA

9780525656111 The Body Lies 6/18/2019
"This is a headwrecker of a book, in the best possible way." -- Jamie Southern, Bookmarks, Winston-Salem, NC

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