News you can use from the Land of SIBA: May 30, 2019
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6/5: B3! Webinar - Keep Your Expenses on a Tight Leash (rsvp)
6/26: Publisher Picks: Fall Fiction (rsvp)

6/30: My Books and More websites shut down (what can your store do?)
8/7: B3! Book Club: Life Admin (rsvp)

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Keep Your Expenses on a Tight Leash



Publisher Picks: Fall Fiction


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Up all night reading at #SIBA19 in Spartanburg, South Carolina

September 13-15, 2019 (Friday - Sunday)
The Spartanburg Marriott 


Any vendor that gets a bookstore to the Discovery Show that has never been before can each enjoy $100 towards show expenses.

Schedule | Hotel | Register


June 6, 2019 -- Next week!

Jill Hendrix, Owner of Fiction Addiction in Greenville, SC is highly respected for her bookselling business acumen. She'll discuss how every expense needs to tell you a story about how it fits into your business. Paying for Trello Gold or When I Work are productivity expenses, meant to let you do the same amount of work in less time. Your rent and most of your staffing expenses are hopefully bringing you direct income and thus are "rainmaking" expenses. Learn to catalog, analyze, and reduce your expenses in this interactive webinar. 

Jill Hendrix grew up in Greenville and graduated from Yale University. She worked briefly in the Editorial Department of  St. Martin's Press and then for a series of internet startups in New York City, including Juno Online Services. The startup bug proved contagious and she decided in 2001 to return home and open her own business, Fiction Addiction, which she has managed ever since.

In 2009, she launched the successful Book Your Lunch author event program, which has brought bestselling authors like Elin Hilderbrand and Dorothea Benton Frank to Greenville and introduced readers to debut novelists like Beth Hoffman. She has served as the Treasurer of the South Carolina Academy of Authors and as the president of the Southern Independent Booksellers Alliance.

Please rsvp to attend the webinar.


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Indie Playlist Ready for June

June's two Indie Playlists, a collection of titles from independent presses, is ready. The themes are: Dystopia and Summer Reads. Plenty of fun with those display options! Indie Playlists provide additional terms for the titles on the list. Stores are strongly encouraged to create a display around either or both of these themes. The displays need to include some of the books on the list, and can include additional titles of the store's choosing. There is a $500 prize for the best display; $250 for the bookseller who creates it and $250 for the store. Take a picture and email it to by July 1. Indie Playlists this month include titles from Catapult, Europa Editions, 7 Stories Press, Grove Atlantic and Beacon Press.

Beach Reading from Page & Palette!

The New York Times ran a piece on "What is Beach Reading?" and interviewed a half dozen bookstores, one of which was Page and Palette: What are the best books for someone who wants to understand the South? “Dispatches From Pluto,” by Richard Grant, Sonny Brewer’s “The Poet of Tolstoy Park,” “My Southern Journey” by Rick Bragg. And Michael Knight’s “Eveningland” — that book sets you on the porch at sunset in the state of Alabama, that’s for sure. more here


Edelweiss+Submitted this week on Edelweiss+ using the "send to SIBA" option. Thanks to Avid Bookshop, Bookmarks, Bookmiser, Copperfish Books, Fiction Addiction, Flyleaf Books, Fountain Bookstore, Malaprop's Bookstore/Cafe, McIntyre's Books, Page & Palette, Page 158 Books, Parnassus Books, Square Books, Story on the Square, The Country Bookshop, and Wonderland Books.

9780735222540 Leaving the Witness 6/4/2019
"The writing is rich and vibrant and gives a fascinating look into what leaving a cult looks like." -- Dean Hunt, Fountain Bookstore, Richmond, VA

9781641290340 All of Us with Wings 6/18/2019
"This is a great story about the family you choose for yourself, mixed with plenty of music and some unexpected magic."-- Jennifer Jones, Bookmiser, Roswell, GA

9781555978488 Be Recorder 8/6/2019
"Carmen Giménez Smith’s newest poetry collection is an electric meditation on identity and otherness in America" -- Caleb Masters, Bookmarks, Winston-Salem, NC

9781484757208 Mary Blair's Unique Flair 8/13/2019
"I adore Mary Blair's art. I have since I was a child and when I was an employee at Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom." -- Katlin Kerrison, Story on the Square, McDonough, GA

9781984821218 The Beekeeper of Aleppo 8/27/2019
"Difficult to read but so poignant and I couldn’t put it down! This story speaks to the power of love, loss and the strength of family." -- Stephanie Crowe, Page & Palette, Fairhope, AL

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