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6/12: ABACUS Deadline (more info)
6/26: Publisher Picks: Fall Fiction (rsvp)

6/30: My Books and More websites shut down (what can your store do?)
7/10: B3! Book Club: Elizabeth Emens, Life Admin (rsvp)
8/7: B3! Webinar: Elizabeth Emens, Life Admin (rsvp)

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Publisher Picks: Fall Fiction


Publisher Picks: Fall Fiction


Publisher Picks: Fall Fiction


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by Michelle Cavalier, Cavalier House Books

There is a reason BookExpo is the largest book industry event in North America – everyone goes! If there is a message I can get across to you that would be it! 

This is not a show you can walk into blind. You will accomplish less than nothing that way. Our first BookExpo (when I was but a baby bookseller) was a complete failure. I was not yet working closely with any of my reps, wasn’t active in SIBA or the ABA, and had no idea what to expect. I basically just wandered around, probably got in other people’s way, waited in a lot of signing lines, and felt the show was not worth the capital and time outlay…and I didn’t go back for years.

Set goals and schedule meetings. The bulk of the work you do for this show happens before you leave.

Set goals and schedule meetings. The bulk of the work you do for this show happens before you leave. What areas are you struggling with? Not connecting with publicity? Getting too many damages? Coop plan not working for you? Reach out. As I said, the brilliance of BookExpo is that *everyone* goes, so you can get face time with exactly the right person. For me, this was indispensable. I got so many questions answered, relationships established, and headaches averted! It was bliss. Meeting with children’s publicists was game-changing for us. Not only did I get to meet and make numerous contacts, I got a lot of my questions about grids answered. Moving into the next season I can really optimize my outreach. But even more helpful to me was meeting with heads of wholesaling and specialty markets with many of the publishers our wholesale and distribution company works with. Looziana Book Co. is a new company and regional wholesale is definitely not the norm; we are often shuffled from one wrong department to the other on phone calls. I made so many valuable connections this week and saved myself a ton for time; that alone was worth the trip to NYC!

You should also probably know that your favorite author is going to appear at BookExpo. It doesn’t really matter who your favorite author is – they send everyone! I was told by someone at Hachette that they added Kira Jane Buxton to the lineup because indies have been showing Hollow Kingdom so much love! And you should have seen Madeline Miller’s line during the ABA signing! I didn’t get to meet too many authors (aforementioned meetings) and was really sad to miss out on Sarah Maclean’s signing (because I am a Fated Mates and romance nerd), but I did make sure to thank Jewell Parker Rhodes. Her books mean so much to me and I just wanted to let her know how much I appreciate her work and then she basically made me cry. This woman is a treasure! She ended our conversation saying “I want to come to your store! Take my card.” And then I died.

BookExpo isn’t about education in the way that [the regional] shows are. It’s about relationships. BookExpo very much feels like a show about leveraging your business up.

I’ve heard from a lot of people that they feel like they get more from attending their regional shows and the ABA’s Winter or Children’s Institutes. Fair enough, I don’t miss the SIBA Discovery Show and try to go to either Winter or Kids every year, but BookExpo isn’t about education in the way that those shows are. It’s about relationships. BookExpo very much feels like a show about leveraging your business up. From formal appointments with clear directives established by you to the Speed Dating rounds set up by ABA and the informal talks that happen at various events and mingles, BookExpo is a platform for moving your shop forward while getting a beat on the pulse of the industry as whole.


ABACUS Survey Deadline is June 12

AbacusThe ABACUS Survey gathers financial data about operations from ABA member stores via a secure and confidential electronic form. Participating stores in ABACUS receive customized reports of aggregated data that analyzes their financial results, including comparisons with other stores based on multiple criteria—such as sales level, store size, and profitability. Participating stores also have a fully secure online dashboard, which offers sophisticated analytical tools for running dynamic reports and exploring trends across a number of criteria. The ABACUS report puts a store's finances within a fully intelligible industry framework, giving owners and managers context, insight, and essential benchmarking guidelines to improve the bookstore's performance.

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NC Bookseller receives Binc Higher Education Scholarship

Congratulations to Carl Schumer from Sassafras on Sutton Bookstore, who has received a $3500 Binc Higher Education Scholarship to Clemson University. Colin is a National Youth Ambassador for the Tourette Association of America. Being a youth ambassador gives Colin, “the ability to help other kids with Tourette Syndrome who are unable to have a voice of their own.” He plans to pursue an MBA after earning his BA in marketing. A favorite quote: “It’s the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting.” —The Alchemist, Paulo Coelho (read more)


Edelweiss+Submitted this week on Edelweiss+ using the "send to SIBA" option. Thanks to Avid Bookshop, Bookmiser, Copperfish Books, Fiction Addiction, Fountain Bookstore, Malaprop's Bookstore/Cafe, McIntyre's Books, Oxford Exchange, Page & Palette, Page 158 Books, Parnassus Books, Story on the Square, Sundog Books, The Country Bookshop, The Haunted Bookshop, Underground Books, and Union Ave Books.

9780525557654 Leaving the Witness 7/30/2019
"There are so many twists and turns in this story that you'll have no idea who the real culprit is. But most everyone is guilty of something!" -- Jennifer Jones, Bookmiser, Roswell, GA

9780525557654 Someone We Know 7/30/2019
"I would read Shari Lapena's grocery list, y'all. She's so skilled at the twisty mystery and this new book is as good as her others."-- Andrea Richardson, Fountain Bookstore, Richmond, VA

9781538745823 Hollow Kingdom 8/6/2019
"A hilarious irreverent post-apocalyptic novel told from the POV of a crow named "S.T.". . .And yes I did cry a little, but I refuse to tell you why." -- Faith Parke-Dodge, Page 158 Books, Wake Forest, NC

9780062878021 Serpent & Dove 9/3/2019
"Everything I've ever wanted to read in an upper YA fantasy. . .This book might bring me to tears if I keep thinking about it." -- Lizy Coale, Copperfish Books, Punta Gorda, FL

9780847864560 Pecans 9/3/2019
"I'm a native Georgian and have grown up with pecan trees in my sights, yet I knew next to nothing about them before cracking open (bad pun intended) this gorgeous new book. . .will make your stomach growl." -- Janet Geddis, Avid Bookshop, Athens, GA

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