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Posted By Nicki Leone, Wednesday, October 9, 2019


Edelweiss+Some of the reviews submitted this week on Edelweiss+ from your fellow SIBA booksellers. SIBA members earn B3! points for every review if they join the SIBA community on Edelweiss. Email to be added.

Nothing to See Here Little Weirds The Revisioners The Broken Road 

9780062913463 Nothing to See Here 10/29/2019
"Absolutely loved this book, I listened to it on Quirky, entertaining, smart, and funny. I could not put it down. I can not wait to put this book into hands of readers I know will love it as much as I did. Thank you Kevin Wilson for giving the weird and wonderful a voice! And thank you to Marin Ireland for doing an excellent job with the southern accent! " -- Jessica Osborne, E. Shaver, booksellers, Savannah, GA

9780316485340 Little Weirds 11/5/2019
"Little lovely weirds from the big, lovely, weirdness of Jenny Slate's brain. I am recommending that you get both a physical copy to beautify your shelves and the audiobook so that Slate can croon her little weirds into your ears and that way your hands are free for snacking or petting the dog or arranging acorns on your mantle. You will laugh and sigh and wish her words could bring things to life because she is, after all, a magical person so it should be a thing she can do. And who knows? Maybe she will. "-- Kate Towery, Fountain Bookstore, Richmond, VA

9781640092587 The Revisioners 11/5/2019
"Reminiscent of Octavia Butler's KINDRED, Margaret Wilkerson Sexton's new novel is a brilliant story that transcends time. Told over the course of almost 100 years, and several generations of one family, this book confirms that the dark legacy of slavery is something we cannot escape, even in the 21st century. Several times while reading this I had to put it down and step away. It is unflinchingly honest and brutal in a way that is hard to read. There is a suspense building throughout that made me think something terrible was lurking under the surface of both Josephine and Ava's stories. " -- Jamie Southern, Bookmarks, Winston-Salem, NC

9781635573657 The Broken Road 12/3/2019
"The Broken Road is an incredibly honest memoir from the daughter of George Wallace, Peggy Wallace Kennedy. She gives her view of her father's life, political struggles, and personal values. Kennedy also details how she came to a heightened awareness about the hurt her father caused so many with his stand against desegregation. A must-read for those who are interested in Southern history, politics, and the civil rights era." -- Linda Hodges, Fiction Addiction, Greenville, SC

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