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Welcome to The Peer Brain Trust: a collection of content for booksellers road-tested by SIBA and SIBA member bookstores.

Discover and share useful documents and downloads, media and graphics, and much more you can use in your store or adapt for your store's specific needs and challenges. Do you have great ideas or useful content to share with fellow booksellers? Click here to let SIBA know!



* SIBA Webinars *

Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Current SIBA Webinars Link Administration 3/3/2020

Owner's Retreat, Raleigh, NC 7/28-7/30

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Handouts and resources from the Owner's Retreat held in Raleigh, North Carolina
Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Strengths Finder Worksheet XLSX (18.81 KB)  more ] Administration 4/4/2019
HR Resources DOC (47.5 KB) Administration 7/28/2015
Sherlock_SIBA_2015.ppt PPT (16.89 MB) Administration 7/28/2015

Peer Review Documents

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Host Store and Reviewers Questionnaire
Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Peer Review Questionnaire (Word Doc) DOCX (16.07 KB) Administration 7/29/2016
SIBA Peer Review Questionnaire PDF (21.6 KB) Administration 3/31/2016

Working with Business Resources

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Peer Brain Trust- Business Resources: Ordering, Personal, Budget, Inventory, Co-Op, Credit Cards
Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Underground Books: Used Book Sorting Chart Link  more ] Administration 10/16/2019
Underground Books: Used Book Values Link  more ] Administration 10/16/2019
Copperfish Books: Buying used/antiquarian books Link  more ] Administration 10/16/2019
Story & Song Approach to Returns PDF (78.23 KB)  more ] Administration 8/17/2019
Gottwals' Best Practices for Used Books Sales PDF (125.13 KB) Administration 7/18/2019
Data-Driven Insights from the Panorama Project Link  more ] Administration 6/26/2019
Disaster Preparedness Checklist from Binc PDF (56.86 KB)  more ] Administration 4/10/2019
Avid Bookshop Book Subscription Form PDF (107.31 KB) Administration 1/7/2019
Avid Bookshop Subscription Questionnaire PDF (127.05 KB) Administration 1/7/2019
Bookmarks SFEC Info Card for Customers JPG (1.18 MB) Administration 1/7/2019
Bookmarks Signed First Editions Club Registration JPG (791.14 KB)  more ] Administration 1/7/2019
Disaster Preparedness Checklist for Bookstores Link  more ] Administration 10/17/2018
Avid At Five Points Daily Checklist PDF (98.77 KB) Administration 8/10/2018
Avid Bookshop Task Calendar PDF (105.83 KB) Administration 8/10/2018
Building a Social Media Event to Drive Sales Link  more ] Administration 7/26/2018
ABA's Powerpoint: A Year of Profitability 2018 PDF (4.99 MB)  more ] Administration 4/27/2018
Inventory Activism Webinar Link  more ] Administration 2/16/2018
Deloitte 2017 Holiday Survey PDF (507.92 KB) Administration 11/22/2017
How to Build Your Social Media Following Link  more ] Administration 10/17/2017
Utilizing your Business Facebook page Link Administration 9/27/2017
Trends from Other Industries  Link  more ] Administration 9/27/2017
Inventory Activism Link  more ] Administration 9/27/2017
Examples of profitable bookseller trends Link  more ] Administration 9/27/2017
Building a Social Media Event to Drive Sales Link  more ] Administration 9/27/2017
Trend Tools You Can Use! Link  more ] Administration 9/27/2017
7 Habits of Effective Booksellers PDF (130.46 KB) Administration 5/15/2014
Co-op Claim Form PDF (28.84 KB) Administration 4/14/2014
Sample Co-op Spread Sheet XLS (8 KB) Administration 4/14/2014
Co-op Overview DOC (15 KB) Administration 4/14/2014
Consignment Form PDF (3.57 MB) Administration 4/14/2014
Returns Worksheet (Fountain Bookstore) PDF (23.42 KB) Administration 4/14/2014
Returns Worksheet Excel (Fountain Bookstore) XLS (15 KB) Administration 4/14/2014
Payroll Budget Spreadsheet XLS (430 KB) Administration 4/14/2014
Employee Absentee Notification DOC (1.43 KB) Administration 4/14/2014
Vacation Request Form DOC (1.43 KB) Administration 4/14/2014
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