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Cindy Dach's "Time Management 101 for Booksellers"

Posted By Linda-Marie Barrett, Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Cindy Dach's "Time Management 101 for Booksellers" 

Booksellers all across SIBA territory attended Cindy Dach’s “Time Management 101 for Booksellers B3! Webinar.” Cindy Dach is the co-owner of Changing Hands Bookstores and First Draft Bookbar in Tempe and  Phoenix, Arizona. In her presentation, she shared techniques for time management, planning, and organizing daily tasks, all with an eye toward completing big-picture projects. She voiced a frustration common to many retail managers and store owners--books on time management and organization don’t address well the needs of  frontline retail businesses, in which constant interruption, schedule juggling, and time-lining numerous programs from procedures manuals to bookfairs are common challenges. She did her own research and found tools that worked for her, her stores, and her employees. As she shared these tools with webinar attendees, she emphasized that everyone has to find what works for them, as no one tool works well for everyone or every store. In her stores she’s had to change tack from time to time when it became obvious that some personality types weren’t able to make good use of internal communication platforms or organizational tools. She’s also worked with employees to help them adjust to necessary changes and then witnessed their productivity and work/life balance increase dramatically. For those who missed out on Cindy’s presentation, or want to see it again and take more notes, here’s a link to view.

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