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THIS! RAMP & The SIBA Holiday Catalog

Posted By Nicki Leone, Friday, July 31, 2020

Watch the Q&A session between with Susan Shoger and Ashley Vogelmeier about the 2020 SIBA Holiday Catalog. The catalog will be an important tool for stores in the upcoming uncertain holiday season.

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2020 Holiday Catalog Title List

Posted By Nicki Leone, Thursday, July 16, 2020

The SIBA Holiday Catalog Preliminary Title List


SIBA has its preliminary list of titles that will be featured in the 2020 Winter Catalog. Books are still being added, so this list will grow over the next couple weeks:

Spreadsheet Edelweiss CATALOG ORDERS  Brochure

If you haven't placed your catalog orders, don't delay. The deadline is August 7, and as is usual no extra catalogs will be printed so if you don't order now, you won't be able to later.

  • Catalogs and shipping are free for the first 12,500 catalogs.
  • The minimum order to receive imprinting is 2000.
  • Imprinting costs $150, but SIBA is paying $40 of that fee, so your imprinting cost is only $110.

New this year: Direct Mail Options

In the past SIBA has always shipped catalogs to your store, but left it up to you to get them out to your customers. This year, you can have RAMP handle mailing for you via either Direct Mail, or Saturation Mail, or a combination of both. Postage rates are competitive and the reduced back and forth shipping means less waste and a more environmentally-friendly process.

Direct Mail: Upload your mailing list and let RAMP handle all the mailing.

Saturation Mail: Send catalogues to all the mailing addresses within a zipcode range.

SIBA recognizes that the future is very uncertain, and stores are asking themselves how they can reinvent their business to meet the challenges they face. But one thing that has not changes is the importance of the relationship of a small business with its local community. Active websites and busy social media accounts are great for keeping your customers informed and up to date, but the odds are there are people right in your immediate area that you aren't reaching.

Saturation mail can help with that. Your store catalog in the mailing box of every resident in a nearby neighborhood, or along every postal route, could bring your store to the attention hundreds of new customers.

RAMP is offering a webinar on the ins and outs and benefits of Saturation Mail on Thursday, July 23 at 2pm. It is well worth attending just to learn more about how Saturation Mail works and can be a tool for your business.

Meeting Link

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It is time to place your winter catalog order!

Posted By Nicki Leone, Thursday, July 9, 2020


Ordering is now open for the SIBA Holiday Catalog!

This year SIBA has joined four other regional associations: NEIBA, GLIBA, MIBA, and NAIBA in RAMP -the regional association marketing partnership -- to produce our 2020 SIBA Holiday Catalog. By joining in with the collective bargaining power of other regional associations, SIBA has been able to create a robust catalog featuring many new publishing partners. There has been a strong commitment to including diverse titles by Black, Indigenous, and People of Color authors, and an active attempt to include books that are receiving strong bookseller support and buzz. (Much of the latter comes from the reviews booksellers post in Edelweiss, so if you aren't doing that, start now!)

Deadline to place your orders is August 7!
The Target date for Catalog delivery is November 1
Questions: Suzanne Shoger


ORDER HERE | Brochure


1) Your first 12,500 Catalogs are completely free. Anything more than that can be purchased in boxes of 500 for $55/box. (or 11 cents per catalog for direct mail, see below)

2) Shipping for your order is free whether you are shipping to your store or to a newspaper for insertion, or both.

3) Your catalogs can be imprinted with a minimum order of 2000. That is down from last year's minimum order of 5000 and better reflects the needs of our smaller stores and more environmentally responsible ordering. There is a $150 imprinting cost, but SIBA will pay for $40 of the price, so the charge for you is $110.

4) Free html catalogs will be available to all stores. IndieCommerce, IndieLite, and stores will have URLs available to link directly to their shopping carts. A template html page will also be available for stores that use other e-commerce platforms.


1) Direct Mail Option. Stores can choose to upload their mailing list and have their order direct-mailed to their customers.

2) Saturation Mail Option. Reach potential customers in your area that may not know about your store. Stores can opt to have their catalogs delivered to mailing addresses within a targeted area or zip code.

Mailing costs are competitive at 20 cents per catalog.


The holiday catalog has always been one of the major and most popular benefits of SIBA membership. This year, the ability to reach regular and potential customers is more important than ever. No matter what the situation looks like in the fall, the catalog can be a vital way to generate sales. Don't miss the opportunity.

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The SIBA Holiday Catalog: What You Need to Know

Posted By Nicki Leone, Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Buy Read Give Books

The SIBA Holiday Catalog: What you need to know

Stores that are participating in SIBA's Holiday Catalog program should be receiving their catalogs within the next couple weeks. Here are the next steps you should take to make the most of the catalog and maximize your holiday sales:

1) Place your orders for holiday catalog titles.

Here is a link to the catalog title list: Edelweiss | Spreadsheet

Ingram is also offering a promotion on catalog title orders: Get +3% OFF any title in the Regional Holiday Catalogs No promo code needed. Plus, get FREE freight for qualifying orders. Order Now! Offer valid from October 2 – December 14.

Holiday Catalog Newsletter2) Upload your email newsletter materials

All stores participating in the catalog also get email catalog newsletters sent to your customer list. The newsletters, which are created and powered by Shelf Awareness, will be sent in four seperate emails, once a week, between November 8 and December 12. Ecommerce cabability is not required.

Click here to upload your store logo and mailing list


3) Make sure your holiday catalog is on your website.

SIBA stores using IndieCommerce and IndieLite will be able to link to the catalog on their own sites. They will go live before the end of the month.

2018 example

SIBA stores who do not use IndieCommerce can request the web-version of the catalog for their stores from SIBA. Email

SIBA stores without ecommerce-capable websites can request a "no click" version of the catalog for their website. Email

4) Plan your in-store displays

Holiday Catalog Slim CardWhile the catalog itself is an invaluable tool for capturing holiday sales, you can boost your sales with in-store catalog displays and signage. Here is a slit card/shelf talker for use in your displays and to highlight catalog titles wherever they are found on the shelf:

Holiday Catalog Slit Card (pdf)


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Imprinted Holiday Catalog Order Deadline extended to August 29

Posted By Nicki Leone, Wednesday, August 7, 2019

SIBA Holiday Catalog

UPDATE: Deadline to order imprinted holiday catalogs has been extended to August 29


Sell even more books this holiday season with the store-branded email newsletter. SIBA is partnering with Shelf-Awareness to provide members with an email-newsletter edition of its holiday catalog. Now the breadth of gift-worthy titles selected for the SIBA Holiday Catalog can land directly in the inbox of each of your book-loving customers with the Shelf Awareness powered e-newsletter.

Each e-newsletter issue links to your bookstore site and social media pages. The wide selection of adult and children’s titles from your regional holiday print catalog can be linked directly to your e-commerce for easy on-line purchasing.

Shelf Awareness is serious about security and privacy and protects customer information, using industry best practices to help ensure confidentiality, availability, and integrity of that information. Shelf Awareness has taken measures to become GDPR compliant, the strict privacy and data handling requirements established by the European Union and will not use subscriber lists for any purpose other than delivering the agreed upon "Powered by Shelf Awareness" mailings developed with your regional association.

August 29: Deadline to order Imprinted Catalogs
September 19: Deadline to order non-imprinted catalogs

Sign up for the SIBA Holiday Catalog | More info

“We’ve seen very, very impressive growth, with significant sales increases in certain titles featured on the Indie Next List. The unsubscribe rate is virtually nonexistent. Those consumers are hearing about titles that indie booksellers are recommending, and it is having a clear impact on sales–Oren Teicher, ABA CEO
praise for the Indie Next List  e-newsletter, powered by Shelf Awareness

“A customer came in yesterday and pointed to her smart phone which had a specific book from the Shelf Awareness email catalog pulled up.  She bought the book as a Christmas gift for her nephew & then found another book from the shelves.  Success!! 
Thanks to everyone at Shelf Awareness for the new idea and sharing it with our customers.  We look forward to the subsequent emailed catalogs & similar success.”Peter Schertz, Owner Maria’s Bookshop, Durango, Colorado
Praise for the MPIBA Holiday E-newsletter,
Powered by Shelf Awareness

“The response we get from the SIBA catalog is overwhelming! We have customers coming into the store even after the holidays with copies of the catalog marked with their notes and wishes!” 
John Cavalier, Cavalier House Books, Denham Springs, Louisiana

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Place your orders for the SIBA Holiday Catalog

Posted By Nicki Leone, Tuesday, July 23, 2019

It's time to place your holiday catalog orders!

SIBA Holiday Catalog

Outside of the Discovery Show, the Holiday Catalog is SIBA's most popular member benefit. A gift-giving resource for your customers, it features options for every kind of reader. This great tool for selling books to your customers off-site, virtually, and in-store is beloved by booksellers and customers across the South with a reach of almost a million readers.

The Holiday Catalog has Print, Email, and Web componants, allowing you to mazimize your catalog sales across all your sales platforms: in store, online, and via your store mailing lists.

Don't wait to sign up -- no extra copies are printed, so once the ordering deadline has passed, they will no longer be available

Important Dates:

August 15: Deadline to order Imprinted Catalogs
September 19: Deadline to order non-imprinted catalogs

Click here to place your catalog order.

Click here to read more about the Holiday Catalog, including the new Catalog Email Newsletter, powered by Shelf Awareness

Print | Email (NEW!) | Web

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Holiday Catalog for Store Websites: Instructions

Posted By Nicki Leone, Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Holiday Catalog for Websites: Instructions

Instructions are now available for IndieCommerce stores that want to link the holiday catalog to their websites. Catalog pages are mobile-friendly, and non IndieCommerce stores can choose to have their catalogs hosted on their own website or hosted by SIBA.

TITLE LIST: Spreadsheet | Edelweiss

CATALOG ON PDF:  Cover 1 | Cover 2


  • IndieCommerce Stores: IndieCommerce and IndieLite stores can link to the holiday catalog by appending this their website URL: "/holiday/SIBA/holidaycatalog.html"

    For example, if Fountain Bookstore wants to link the catalog to their site, it would be

    When customers click on the 'Buy this Book' button on the catalog, they will be taken to Fountain's website to purchase the book.

  • Stores with other e-commerce: SIBA has created a single mobile-friendly catalog page, with a place for your own store logo: online sample. Email

  • Stores without ecommerce:
    SIBA can provide a no-link verson of the html catalog for you to include on your website(s). Email

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Holiday Catalog HTML and PDF editions now available

Posted By Nicki Leone, Wednesday, October 24, 2018

2018 Holiday Catalog

Holiday Catalog HTML and PDF editions are now available

The SIBA Holiday Catalogs have dropped, and stores should be receiving shipments shortly if they haven't received them already. Drop shipped catalogs have been schedule to arrive at their specified locations as requested.



If you haven't already done so, here is a link to the title list so you can place your orders: Spreadsheet | Edelweiss


We also have pdfs of the catalog available: Cover 1 | Cover 2


HTML versions of the catalog are available for stores that want to post them on their websites. The html catalog has been made responsive and mobile friendly.

  • IndieCommerce Stores: The ABA has the catalog and is installing it on your servers. You'll receive a notification when it is ready to be linked to.

  • Stores with other e-commerce: SIBA has created a single mobile-friendly catalog page, with a place for your own store logo: online sample

    SIBA can either send you the files to host on your own website, or we can host the catalog for you. (If we do that, the web address of your catalog will be SIBA's, not your store's).

  • Stores without ecommerce:
    SIBA can provide a no-link verson of the html catalog for you to include on your website(s).

Email Nicki for more information


The Holiday Newsletter is sent out to your store mailing list, a la Shelf Awareness for Readers, in six editions between November 12 and December 17, with each edition highlighting books from a different section of the holiday catalog. Links click through to the store's own website for purchase:

Email Nicki for more information.



The SIBA Holiday Catalog receives promotional support from SIBA during the holiday shopping season:

  • Catalog titles are featured in the Lady Banks newsletter between Thanksgiving and Christmas
  • The Holiday Catalog is featured on Facebook as the December "Lady Banks Bookshelf"
  • A Holiday Catalog Gift Guide is published at (ARTS), linked to a rotating list of SIBA member stores




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Order your imprinted holiday catalogs

Posted By Nicki Leone, Wednesday, August 8, 2018


Holiday CatalogEach year, the SIBA Holiday Catalog contributes to increase winter sales for bookstores across the South.  This full-color catalog is filled with more than 100 great titles in a wide range of categories including cooking, sports, business, fiction, children's, and history and nonfiction titles - all perfect for your store and your customers.

“I think it’s very valuable!  It brings a level of professionalism to my store that I couldn't afford, having a color catalog with my logo on it!  Also generates sales and buzz - Oh did you see Page After Pages new catalog!!!  My customers LOVE IT and it makes us very proud. I think it’s one of the best things we Indies have for promotion.-Cathy

Copperfish Books

The Holiday Catalog Title List | Order your catalogs

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Holiday Catalog and B3! Webinars: News you can use from the Land of SIBA

Posted By Nicki Leone, Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Click here to view online | Like us on Facebook!

siba header


holiday catalogWeb-versions, resources, and special offers are now available

The Web-versions of the SIBA holiday catalog is now available to stores to post on their websites. We think they look very nice! See a demo version

  • Store with Indiecommerce Sites:
    The American Booksellers Association will have the catalog available for stores to add to their sites shortly.
  • Stores with other ecommerce options:
    SIBA can provide a customized file with your store ecommerce links. Email
  • Stores without ecommerce:
    We have a "no links" version of the catalog you can link to here.

You earn 5 B3! points for posting the holiday catalog on your site.

What SIBA is doing to help:
The catalog will be promoted at (ARTS) starting the week of Thanksgiving. Stores with active ecommerce will rotate as the click through destination for each of the books. The catalog titles are also featured in the Lady Banks newsletter as a "gift guide" and the gift guide itself is featured between Thanksgiving and the New Year on the ARTS Facebook page and on the Lady Banks Bookshelf. In short, SIBA will be making a concerted effort to drive traffic to the websites of stores that ordered the catalog.

  • Materials to help with in-store catalog displays, and "shareable" graphics for your social media are available here (scroll to the bottom)
  • Both Ingram and Baker & Taylor have ordering specials in place for holiday catalog titles:
    Ingram | Baker & Taylor


New for 2018: SIBA B3 Webinars!
Designed to provide booksellers with more opportunities to improve different areas of their business. Our webinars last for one hour and include Q & A time with the presenter. We encourage owners, managers, and frontline booksellers to attend. We always welcome your suggestions for future topics. Email Linda-Marie Barrett to reserve your space.

Creating Community: Developing and Maintaining an Authors in Schools Program with Jamie Rogers Southern: Wednesday, January 10 at 2pm

Jamie Rogers Southern of Bookmarks will discuss how to develop an Authors in Schools program to increase your brand awareness with teachers, parents, and young readers in your community. An Authors in Schools program allows you to work with local and visiting authors who can give presentations, lead workshops, and otherwise speak about their books that tie in with ongoing curricula.

Inventory Activism with Kimberly Daniels and Erica Merrell: Wednesday, Feb 14 at 2pm

Join SIBA Board Members Erica Merrell of Wild Iris Books and Kimberly Daniels of The Country Bookshop as they explain how inventory can be a powerful force when serving customers. Come learn how to best fill this customer need, walk away with title recommendations, and share your success stories. Whether your customers are looking to make changes in social, environmental or local issues, find out how the activist mantra of thinking global, acting local can increase customer engagement and revenue for your store.


November 15th is the deadline to submit a propsal for the upcoming EUREKAsiba talks.

In the spirit of discoveries worth sharing, SIBA invites proposals for 11-18 minute TEDx Talk format presentations on a given topic of interest to booksellers. We'd like proposals about a great idea. Ideas can be new or surprising, challenge a belief your audience of booksellers already has, or an idea with a compelling new argument behind it. We will choose ten EUREKA talks. This call should be considered by booksellers, authors, publishers, sales reps, and other industry professionals. We'd love to hear from you. Proposals are due November 15. Send proposals to Wanda Jewell


Shop SmallImportant information for participating stores

The American Booksellers Association is partnering with Penguin Random House for a special giveaway in celebration of Indies First on Small Business Saturday, this year November 25. Between November 15 and November 26, Twitter and Instagram users who tag a U.S. independent bookstore and use the hashtag #ShopIndiesFirstSweepstakes will be entered to win $1,000 worth of books from Penguin Random House.

Full details here

Small Business Saturday Display materials available

For small businesses looking to promote Small Business Saturday, American Express' Shop Small Studio is providing a variety of marketing materials to help business owners attract and engage with their customers: More information here | Shop Small Studio DIY


Event Pitch SheetHow does your store present itself to publishers when you are looking to have an author come to the store for an event? The competition can be high, and publishers are careful about how they spend their marketing dollars. Savvy stores create a resume of sorts for publicists that will help them see at a glance the strengths of their store and their ability to host a successful author event.

Here's a link to an event pitch sheet developed by The Bookwom in Colorado -- use it as a model to create your own store "event pitch sheet." It will also be a useful exercise in assessing your store's strengths as well as places you can improve in you own event programs.

More at the Peer Brain Trust



Do you nominate books for Okra Picks?


Is your membership current?

Renew here | Booksellers Benefits Package

Thank you for your interest in SIBA,

Nicki Leone

Southern Independent Booksellers Alliance
3806 Yale Avenue, Columbia, SC 29205
Fax: 309.410.0211

#siba18: Fall Discovery Show
Sept 13-15 THU-SAT | Tampa, FL

Many thanks to our 2017 Inkreadible Sponsors below:

BookazineBaker & Taylor
Ingram Content Group 

The Reba and Dave Williams Foundation for Literature and the Arts

SIBA | 3806 Yale Dr. | Columbia, SC 29205
You are receiving this email at @@email@@. If you wish to stop receiving email from us, you can simply remove yourself by replying with "unsubscribe" in the subject or by visiting: @@unsubscribe_url@@

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Call for title suggestions and nominations: News you can use from the land of SIBA

Posted By Nicki Leone, Thursday, May 25, 2017

Hello, dearest and most beloved booksellers,

As we get ready for the summer, here are the latest thing happening in the land of SIBA you should know about. Note especially the new Okra Picks Newsletter opportunity --


  1. Entering events on the ARTS Calendar is easier than ever!
  2. Announcing the Okra Picks Newsletter
  3. The Circle of Sites/Banner-for-Dues Program is being upgraded
  4. A video guide to the SIBA Member Hub
  5. Be a judge for the Southern Book Prize
  6. Registration is open for #SIBA17 in the Big Easy



Is there a book you'd like to see in the SIBA Holiday Catalog? Wanda Jewell is at BEA this week, meeting with publishers, talking up your stores, and generally being her vivacious and indefatiguable self. And while I know it is pretty early to be thinking about the holiday shopping season, now is the time publishers are making decisions about what they are going to promote in the regional holiday catalogs.

So if there's a title you'd like to see in SIBA's Holiday Catalog, click on the link below to submit a suggestions. Wanda will get the information and try to talk to the publishers while she's at BEA.

Act fast! BEA only lasts a week!


June 1st is the deadline to nominate books for the Summer Okra Pick Season:

Books need to be published between July 1 and September 30, and must be by a Southern author, or Southern in nature, or both.

Watch for your Okra Pick mailing!

There was an 11th hour title change for one of the Okra Picks: Echolocation by Mark Powell is now Small Treasons - new title, new cover, same ISBN. The book goes on sale June 2, and you will be receiving updated materials before the end of the month.

SIBA has also created the Okra Picks Newsletter, which can be sent out on your behalf to your customers. Click here for more information:


If your store is participating in the Banner-for-dues program you need to know the system is being upgraded this spring to a more effective, stable, and secure platform. This will require you to post new code on your websites. Contact for the code. The deadline is July 1, after which the old code will no longer be supported.

Have you signed up for IndieLite? Then your store is eligible to be in the CoS program!

If you have ecommerce on your store site and are not doing the Banner-For-Dues program, you can contact Nicki to see if you are eligible. Basically any site where you can search for a book by ISBN qualifies. Once your banner is up, you don't have to do anything else, so it is an easy, hassle-free way to keep your SIBA membership current.

Currently appearing on Circle of Sites, (aka Lady Banks' Pick of the Week):


It's never too early to register!
SIBA returns to the Big Easy this coming September for the #siba17 Discovery Show. We'll be at the Sheraton New Orleans, right on Canal Street, the same hotel we were in the last time we visited NOLA in 2013.

And a word to the wise -- New Orleans, like Savannah, is a popular destination. We had sellout crowds in 2013 and expect the same this year. Meal tickets, especially, went very quickly.

Make your travel plans early:



The new SIBA member hub has become more and more active as members sign on, check in with the site, and explore the different ways they can communicate with others and manage their own accounts. To help members understand the new site layout, SIBA Board member Stefanie Crowe and staffer Nicki Leone have been recording a series of short videos that take a quick tour through some of the site features.

The SIBA Member Hub: An Introduction

Here's the link to view all the videos as they are posted (about twice a month)


SIBA is now has an app! Available for iPhone and Android, SIBA's new "SocialLink" app allows you to check in to the SIBA member hub and your account from your phone or mobile device. Search for "SocialLink" in the Apple or Google Play store.

Once you've installed it, log in to start viewing your feed and notices.

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#indiesfirst #holidaycatalog #okrapicks: News you can use from the land of SIBA

Posted By Nicki Leone, Monday, November 7, 2016

Dearest and most beloved booksellers,

We know you have other things on your mind this week -- you and the entire rest of the country! But please do take a moment to read the items below. They are things we think will be important and helpful to your business in the coming weeks and we want to make sure you take full advantage.

Small Business SaturdayI. Indies First/Small Business Saturday is October 26
An open letter from ABA CEO Oren Teicher

Dear Bookseller,

Indies First/Small Business Saturday, November 26, will be here before we know it, and I wanted to be sure you had explored the many offers of generous business terms ( for ABA members from our publisher partners. The Indies First publisher specials are really extraordinary, and with thoughtful ordering these terms can make a real difference to your bottom line.

As we've been discussing at the recent ABACUS sessions at the Fall Regional Shows, reducing the cost of goods is critical to the profitability of indie bookstores, and these offers help you do exactly that. The ordering periods vary, so don’t miss out.

One of the most generous offers – in discount, ordering period, and ease of use – comes from Baker & Taylor ( I'd strongly encourage you take advantage of B&T's offering, which starts on November 20th and runs through December 3.

And while you’re at it, please add your Indies First event activity ( to the national map. You can add your information now or just let us know an event is on the schedule and come back and fill in the details later. The stronger our map, the better it is for Indies First, our customers, and our publisher partners.

With sincere thanks,
Oren Teicher, CEO

II. Online Holiday Catalogs are available for your websites.

Click here for information on how to add them to your store website, and to download useful shareable memes and in store signage

III. Winter Okra Pick Nominations are open

The deadline to submit is December 1, for books pubbing between January 1, 2017 and March 31, 2017. So all those great books you found at the First 180 Days party at the Discovery Show in Savannah back in September? Now is the time to start nominating them!

Click here to nominate!

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