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Claim Your Refund with Baker & Taylor!

Posted By Linda-Marie Barrett, Thursday, September 5, 2019

Margaret Lane, VP of Retail Sales, offers the following update for indie booksellers:

"Due to high volumes of customer returns, the last of the returns received were just recently completed. The accounts receivable reps worked tirelessly throughout August to collect final payments and close accounts. There are still many bookstores that owe Baker & Taylor money and the team will continue to work with them. There is also a subset of accounts who have a credit balance.


For customers with a credit balance, the refund process is currently taking longer than expected. The remaining AR team is working through the backlog and expect to process all refund requests from July, August, and September over the next couple weeks so that all refund requests are completed and mailed within 5 weeks or less. As the backlog is cleared, refunds should go back to a 2-3 week turnaround time. Refunds cannot be processed without a proper W-9 on file and Baker & Taylor refund form signed by the owner. It is not possible to automatically issue refunds on credit balance accounts or issue refunds back to credit cards or wires."


If you are awaiting a refund or have questions about the timeline for being issued a refund, please contact or call  800-340-5370.


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ABA Membership Offer & IndieLite Promotion

Posted By Nicki Leone, Wednesday, June 12, 2019

ABAABA Membership Offer and IndieLite Promotion

In light of the recent B&T news, we are partnering with the American Booksellers Association to offer a discount on ABA membership. Members of SIBA are invited to join the ABA for the rest of the year at the discounted rate of $50. We believe association membership is vital to enable our organizations to more effectively advocate on behalf of the indie channel.

In addition to this offer, for those stores who were participants in B&T’s Books and More e-commerce platform, ABA’s IndieCommerce team is offering the following promotion: 3 months of their IndieLite platform free, followed by $25/month for the remaining 9 months of the first year. We hope by reducing start-up costs, you’ll be able to more effectively utilize the e-Commerce platform to improve sales.

The ABA member promotion is through January 31, 2020, at which time you can renew your membership for $199 for the year. ABA offers quarterly and monthly payment options. IndieLite will be $50/month after the first promotional year.

Please complete the ABA application using the promo code regional19 or contact ABA’s membership team at if you’d like to take advantage of these offers.

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The Baker & Taylor Transition

Posted By Nicki Leone, Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Resources and Links for Booksellers

The book industry has responded strongly to the news that Baker & Taylor is leaving the retail book market, with publishers, wholesalers, and industry organizations each implementing special offers and programs for booksellers forced to transition away from their major supplier.  

ABA Resource List | SIBA B&T Resource Page

Reach out to SIBA with any and all questions. If we can't find the answer, we'll be able to put you in touch with someone who can:

Wanda Jewell:
Linda-Marie Barrett:
Nicki Leone:

Talk to someone face to face: SIBA's Video Office Hours are every Wednesday, 2-5 pm EST at this link:

Talk to your colleagues. The collective wisdom of the SIBA community may have all the answers you need:

The SIBA Google Group

The SIBA Facebook Group

More information is available on the SIBA B&T Resource Page

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Moving beyond My Books and More: Popular Bookseller E-commerce Platforms

Posted By Nicki Leone, Monday, May 6, 2019

The news this week that Baker & Taylor will cease serving the retail bookselling market has many SIBA members scrambling to adjust. Everyone at SIBA has been discussing what the organization can do to help its members make the transition away from relying on Baker & Taylor as a supplier and service provider.

Most immediately, stores who run SIBA's "Circle of Sites" banner and use "My Books and More" for online orders face some pressing repercussions from Baker & Taylor's decision. "Circle of Sites," also known as the "Banner for Dues" program, requires participating stores to have an ecommerce platform compatible with the program.

SIBA recognizes that choosing and implementing a new ecommerce solution is big decision that doesn't happen overnight. Here is what we will be doing to help:

  1. When My Books and More is discontinued on June 30, SIBA will convert the banner running on all stores using that platform to be "nonclickable" so that visitors to your site are not taken to any error pages by accident. You will not have to make any changes to your site or banner code.

  2. Store memberships will remain active until the end of the year, in order to give everyone time to implement a new e-commerce platform on their websites. As new e-commerce systems are adopted, SIBA will be on call to help stores re-activate their banners. At the end of the year, stores that haven't converted to a new e-commerce system will be removed from the program and the banner taken down from their site. (Stores can still earn their dues by participating in the B3! Bookseller Engagement Program).

  3. Over the next couple months, SIBA will do everything it can to help stores find the resources they need to choose a new e-commerce option. Stores can also post questions to SIBA's "Watercooler" group ( Questions about websites and compatibility with SIBA programs can be addressed to

The American Booksellers Association has responded to the announcement from Baker & Taylor with a special introductory offer for stores to sign up to their IndieLite program. Anyone interested should contact the IndieCommerce team at The ABA is a natural partner for bookstores and IndieCommerce is tailored to indie bookseller needs.

Here is a list of booksellers who are familiar with some of the popular e-commerce systems and are willing to answer questions:

Ask a Bookseller! E-Commerce Platform Users
System Contact
more info

Chris Fanning | A Cappella Books | store website

more info

Jill Hendrix | Fiction Addiction | store website

more info

Donna Paz | Story and Song Bookstore | store website

more info

Dave Lucey | Page 158 Books | store website

more info 
Booksellers Using Square Facebook Group

Square Space
more info

Josh Niesse | Hills and Hamlets | store website


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Baker & Taylor offering 46% Discount thru 10/15 on all Rick Bragg titles.

Posted By Linda-Marie Barrett, Tuesday, September 18, 2018


Baker & Taylor offering 46% Discount thru 10/15 on all Rick Bragg titles. 

Baker & Taylor is making it easy for booksellers to create a display in honor of 2019 Conroy Legacy Award Recipient Rick Bragg.  Bookstores can take advantage of the offer in a number of ways:

  • Order via their POS
  • Order via Baker & Taylor's TS 360
  • Contact their sales rep for help.

The special discount ends October 15, 2018. All orders placed between now and then will receive the discount.

No promo code is required, no minimum quantity is required, and there's no limit on the number of orders during the sale.


Here is a link to the PDF listing Rick Bragg's works.



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