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Celebrating Avid's Bookshop Bash!

Posted By Linda-Marie Barrett, Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Celebrating Avid's Bookshop Bash!

I’m readying my gift-wrapping and handselling skills for a volunteer shift at Avid Bookshop in Athens, GA on Small Business Saturday/Indies First. This special day is just one of a five-day celebration called The Avid Bookshop Bash (TABB). John Farina, the events coordinator for Avid Bookshop, revealed what’s in store for readers and gift-buyers in their community. 

TABB is a series of events taking place 11/23-11/27 to celebrate another year of open doors and loyal customers.

  •  11/23- Book Friday (Black Friday in a really comfy sweater)
  • 11/24- Small Business Saturday

  • 11/25- Celebration Sunday

  • 11/26- Cider Monday

  • 11/27-Giving Tuesday


Though the other days are celebrated by indie bookstores nationally, Celebration Sunday is specific to Avid, celebrating the anniversaries of their newest location and the original Avid Bookshop.

To thank customers for their support, every purchase during TABB earns a prize. Prizes, drawn by the customer at the time of purchase, include commemorative bookmarks, a subscription, and a $50 Avid Bookshop Gift Card. To keep customers coming back during TABB, Avid will offer TABB Punch Cards that are hole-punched every time a customer makes a purchase.  (Customers receive an extra hole punch if they shop at Avid on Book Friday). Customers will receive “Bash Cash” coupons in $5 increments, in line with the number of holes punched.

Avid will also take donations throughout TABB for a local nonprofit, Books for Keepsand send them the proceeds on Giving Tuesday.

Avid Bookshop will be posting about The Avid Bookshop Bash leading up to the event and throughout. Be inspired and maybe do your own variation! I’ll report back in after Small Business Saturday with a recap. Happy Thanksgiving and Holiday Bookselling!

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Are you on the map? News you can use from the Land of SIBA

Posted By Nicki Leone, Wednesday, November 22, 2017

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indies first signINDIES FIRST:
Has the Indies First Sweepstakes Begun Without YOU?

In celebration of Indies First on Small Business Saturday, beginning today, shoppers at indie bookstores can enter the American Booksellers Association's new #shopindiesfirstsweepstakes for a chance to win $1,000 worth of books from Penguin Random House.

Between Wednesday, November 15, and Sunday, November 26, customers can enter the sweepstakes by posting a message on Twitter or Instagram and using the hashtag #shopindiesfirstsweepstakes along with the location tag, the social media handle, or the name, city, and state of a U.S. independent bookstore.

A random drawing will be held on Friday, December 15, to select five lucky grand prize winners, who will win $1,000 worth of books. Each bookstore with a winning customer will also win $1,000 worth of books to donate to a local nonprofit of their choice.  More details here

Are you on the map?

Here's what's happening across the region on Indies First:

Indies First 

Make sure your activities are represented!


Economic outlook & holiday spending:

  • Holiday shopping season accounts for more than $1 Trillion and more one quarter of annual US retail sales
  • Holiday spending expectations continue to rise in large part due to improved household finances
  • Gifts only represent one third of average holiday spend, with the bulk of shopper budgets going to non-gift items and experiences
  • Average expected spend for the 2017 holiday season is $1,226 per respondent
See the entire survey here

Partner with building developers to create libraries for residents

Some building developers are adding libraries to common spaces


"Why aren't my store's events on the calendar?"

SIBA publishes the event calendars of our member stores in the Lady Banks Newsletter, and sends out state-specific calendar listings to all our Lady Banks subscribers. So it isn't uncommon for a store to see the list of upcoming author readings, book club meetings, tarot card sessions (really! you know who you are!) and wonder "why aren't our events listed?"

Events appear on the calendar one of two ways:

  1. SIBA elves put them there
  2. Stores upload their own events

Of course, there are only so many elves. And this time of year they get farmed out to Santa. So the most reliable way to ensure your store events are listed is to upload them yourself. Plus you now earn 5 B3! points for every event you add. Here's how to do it:

Add a single event | Add multiple events (Excel File) | Add multiple events online (Google Docs)

It takes about one business day for uploaded events to appear on the calendar.

More at the Peer Brain Trust


Do you use a sidewalk sign?

Results from last week's survey, "Does your store have a cafe?"

In last week's issue: B3! Engagement & Bookstore Marketing Kits

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